How Do I File an Insurance Claim Without a Police Report?

Generally, after an auto accident occurs, the first action you take is to phone your local police and request that an officer come to the scene of the accident. While you want an officer to assess the accident itself, it is also beneficial to have an official report drawn up when it comes time to file for damages through your insurance company. But, insurance claims lawyers in Columbus, Ohio ask you this: What should you do if a police officer is unable to write up a report?

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There are instances when a police report may not be drawn up.

Well, to clarify, if your accident is a serious one, there will likely be an officer and paramedic that arrives to the scene of the crash. However, if there are minimal damages and no injuries that are reported when you initially make the call, there are certain reasons why police may neglect to come out. According to, there are three different reasons why you may not receive a police report for your accident.

  • No injuries- If there are no reported injuries, “your accident may not be a priority if nobody was” harmed.
  • Minor Property Damage- While some jurisdictions “may not send an officer if the accident damage in minor,” if the damage is under $500.00, “the local police may not be required to take a report at the scene.”
  • Weather Conditions- If your auto accident was minor and the weather conditions are quite severe, police officials may not be able to make it out to write up your report in person.

Now, in the event this happens, insurance claims attorneys local to you in Columbus, Ohio note that you have the option of going to your local police station and having a report written up yourself. Be sure you have all the pertinent information available when doing so and remember, you want to get there as soon as possible as you want your report to be valid, and accurate.

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Insurance claims attorneys remind you to always report your accident even if the police don’t show.

Regardless of whether you have a police report in hand the time you call your insurance company; Columbus insurance claim denial lawyers remind you that you do in fact want to report your accident.  Although the damages may have been insignificant, you want documentation proving you reported the accident and all the details that went along with it. Denied insurance claims attorneys in Ohio point out that while the person who was involved in the collision with you claims they aren’t injured on scene; their story could change after speaking with their insurer.

In the event you were involved in an accident and you are having difficulty with filing your claim or the at-fault party’s insurance company is making the matter more complicated, reach out to E. Ray Critchett, LLC today. Not only does his law firm specialize in accidents, but also personal injury cases as well. He can be reached at 740.282.5393 where you can further discuss the details of your particular matter.

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