How Do I Handle a Denied Homeowner’s Insurance Claim in Georgia?

We have all been there. Received something from our insurance company we know is incorrect, yet we still fill up with frustration as we know we have to get this mistake corrected in order our insurance coverage to continue on. While homeowner’s insurance is there to supply you with coverage and “protection,” in the event your home becomes damaged or burglarized, sometimes you may be required to take your claims process a bit further when your insurer simply doesn’t comply. Insurance claims lawyer’s nearby in Augusta, Georgia are here to shed some light on the topic of denied and reduced homeowners insurance claims that will hopefully provide you with some relief and guidance in the event you have recently received notice that your home insurance claim has been denied.

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Read through your policy to determine whether the damage to your home is listed as “covered.”

It all comes down to your policy. In it will state your overall coverage, the limits, and any exclusions that apply. Unfortunately, we sometimes overlook that last detail as we expect our insurance to cover nearly anything that happens to our home. However, the first thing you need to do is speak with the insurance claims adjuster who has been assigned to your case, and see if they can clarify and/or correct anything that may have been incorrectly noted on your claim.

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In an effort for insurers to hold tight of their profits, they sometimes deny or reduce the amount offered in your settlement.

Augusta, Georgia insurance claim denial attorneys who specialize in homeowner’s insurance also point out that while most policies have strict coverage guidelines which leads to a claim denial, others simply provide their customers with significantly lower settlements than the damage is worth. In this case, you can either hire an insurance claims lawyer in Augusta immediately, or you can try and get it settled yourself. If you find your insurer isn’t complying, you can always begin the litigation process, although you may want to exhaust all other options before taking this route.

Something else to keep in mind if you are considering suing your homeowner’s insurance company is that it is unlikely you will win your case if you are simply unhappy with the contractors who completed the necessary repairs but did a poor job doing so. If you hired your contractor and your insurance carrier had nothing to do with the selection process, the liability is removed from them and placed on the company who came out and completed the work.

Dealing with a denied insurance claim isn’t something we anticipate, and it often catches us by surprise seeing that we pay our monthly premiums when our insurer says they are due. Because of this, we assume our coverage remains active and will apply to majority of situations. Unfortunately, whether it is a truck accident claim that is being submitted or a homeowner’s insurance claim being sent in, there is a chance your carrier may deny you the insurance benefits you believe you are entitled to receive.

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Some home insurance claims are worth thousands and you may want to hire an insurance claims attorney to step in and assist.

There are a number of factors and reasons why this happens, and perhaps when dealing with high-priced claims, you may want to consider hiring an insurance claim denial law firm in Augusta, Georgia who can step in and assess the situation.

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