How Have the Torrential Rains in North Dakota Affected Insurance?

Bismarck, ND- The dreadful hurricane season is just underway and it doesn’t seem to be the time that only has Floridians and other east coast residents in an unfortunate situation that is leading to an increase in insurance claims. According to news reports provided by The Bismarck Tribune, homeowners, drivers, and even farmers may have their hands full in the next few months as the projected amount of rainfall has already begun to cause these residents a significant amount of problems.  Here to shed some light on the recent report are insurance claims attorneys local to you in Bismarck, North Dakota.

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Insurance companies have recently been receiving a large number of claims due to the downpour of rain.

As you know, rain has the potential to cause severe damage, whether it be to your home as it can lead to flooding, and even to your vehicle as sometimes you get caught in a torrential downpour and your car is unable to bear the pressure placed on it from all of the rain. In the last weekend, areas nearby to Bismarck including Wahpeton and Killdeer all experienced harsh hail and rain storms. Insurance claim lawyers in Bismarck point out that in Wahpeton alone, 5 inches of rain fell for a 90-minute period, causing “street flooding and the trapping of at least one motorist.”

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Motorists are at risk of having to file a property damage claim due to the large amounts of rain and hail.

Bismarck auto insurance claims attorneys note that the woman who was stranded in her vehicle for nearly three hours didn’t expect the water to go over the hood of her car as she was traveling early Sunday morning, however, it did, and the ending result was a dead automobile. “A farmer from the Sherwood-area made a statement regarding his crops, saying that “10 percent of them have been washed out.” Home insurance lawyers highlight that for farmers, the issues cease to end. With heavy rainfall, not only are they unable to spray for weeds, but crops that “remain wet for long periods of time are susceptible to fungal diseases such as scab.”


When unfortunate circumstances such as this arise, where do you often turn to seek help and assistance in getting this damage repaired? Right, your insurance carrier, and that is exactly the news we are learning as a Bismarck insurance agent commented on the issue stating “that his office has received more than 1,300 hail damage claims this year, many resulting from storms this month.” With this increased number of homeowner’s insurance claims, there is a fear that some won’t get the attention they require until the spring.

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Get the assistance you need with your home insurance claim from an insurance claim dispute lawyer.

If you are a resident of Bismarck, or any surrounding areas, and your home or automobile claim isn’t being handled properly, you may need a nearby insurance claim dispute law firm to step in and assist. As you know, insurance carriers have several customers to tend to, and not always do they provide you with the quality service and care you deserve. But, if your home has sustained damage, or your car or truck is out of commission and you can’t seem to get your insurance claim paid, hiring a Bismarck, North Dakota denied insurance claim attorney is another option you have.

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