Is the Dog Head Fire in New Mexico Contained?

On June 24, 2016, KOAT Action News 7 reported that the Dog Head Fire was 83 percent contained. The fire, which is now being recognized as “human caused” is finally nearing its end as officials and their efforts have reduced the fire and kept it under control. While many individuals are now able to head back to their homes, local insurance claims attorneys in Albuquerque, New Mexico acknowledge that many claims are going to be filed for the damages and destruction this fire has inflicted on these individual’s homes, and their lives.

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While the fire has consumed much land, it is also responsible for destroying homes.

New Mexico State Forestry officials reported that the fire has already consumed 17,912 acres of land, but as residents of the state make their way back home, they are finding that their worst fear has come true. Much of their prized possessions and memorabilia are gone, ruined, and never to be brought back again. The Albuquerque Journal shared one particular story involving a couple who watched on live news as their home burned up in flames.

Tony and Janice Farrington were the homeowners of this tragedy, yet they had gone through experiences like this several times before, and were under the impression that their “home would still be here when we got back.” Unfortunately, insurance claims lawyers nearby in Albuquerque note that much of what the family considered “valuable” items were burned up in this catastrophe. According to the two, “our home was like the poster child for the Dog Head Fire,” as they watched the fire on their local news station consuming many homes in their neighborhood, including theirs.

The lot of land where Tony Farrington and his family lived was damaged, his siblings also had homes there as well as his father had purchased “a large amount of property in the area in 1960.” Although the family has intentions of rebuilding their home, personal items such as “family treasures” are irreplaceable. Farrington also stated that he wished he had taken more as he never expected such destruction to overcome his home.

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Having the proper insurance coverage in place can help protect you in the event your home sustains damages.

While a catastrophe can strike at any given time, it is important to always have the proper protection in place. Insurance claim denial attorneys in Albuquerque, New Mexico suggest that if you own a home or a piece of property, there are certain insurance policy’s you want to have in place, especially if you are living in an area that is prone to having disaster strike.

If your home or property was recently damaged and your insurance company isn’t complying with the terms of your policy, it is important that you consult with a skilled denied insurance claim lawyer in Albuquerque.

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