Red Flags to Watch Out For After Filing a Car Accident Claim in Miami Dade

Accident injuries range in severity and generally depend on how serious an accident was. If a person is rear-ended and there is only a slight ding on their bumper, chances are, the driver may have only suffered from a sore neck or back, and maybe even whiplash. And then there are those cases where a vehicle is totaled and the victim suffers from long term pain and suffering. While each case is different and each insurance claim filed will vary in the amount paid out, there are some red flags you want to look for in the event you have been involved in an accident and an insurance claim has been filed.

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If an accident victim is claiming their injuries are more serious than you believe, they could be attempting to collect money from your insurer that isn’t rightfully theirs.

Insurance Fraud: What Should I Look Out For?

Whether you caused the accident or someone else is responsible for the collision, it is important that any claimants involved aren’t taking advantage of the situation. Sadly, some learn they can be compensated for injuries and often make them out to be much more severe than what they are. Therefore, Property Casualty 360 has put together a list of some things to be aware of and some of these red flags are listed below.

  1. If there isn’t damage to the vehicle but the motorist involved claims they are injured, you may want to question this. If their car made it through the fender bender, then they were more than likely able to walk away without incurring any serious injuries.
  1. The injured person is receiving “extended periods of chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture and pain center treatments before seeking help from an orthopedist, an evaluation from a neurologist or an assessment from another medical specialist.” Many times, an insurance company will limit the amount of chiropractic care a person can receive after an accident so many people involved in accidents tend to take advantage after engaging in a crash.
  1. If a person undergoes high-level diagnostics such as a MRI or CT scan immediately following an accident, you may want to bring this to your insurance agent’s attention. These types of tests “should be done to confirm or rule out a condition-not as part of a fishing expedition.”
  1. A crash victim should only be receiving care under the insurance claim for the injuries brought on by the accident. If they undergo surgery or are hospitalized for a minor collision that left them able to walk away, “it may be an indicator of prior health issues or problems or conditions that pre-date the accident.”

Do I Need to Hire a Miami Dade Insurance Claims Dispute Lawyer?

If you believe the person whom you were involved in an accident with is trying commit fraud and take advantage of the incident, consult with a local Miami Dade insurance claims attorney who can further investigate the matter and determine if the allegations being made are true.

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