Trying to Locate a Lost Life Insurance Policy?

Insurance claims attorneys in Wyoming are here to possibly assist in the process of helping you pinpoint where a missing life insurance policy has gone.

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of dollars fails to make its way into the hands of designated life insurance policy beneficiaries? The fact is, many individuals aren’t even aware they were assigned this role and should have received some sort of benefit payout after their loved one passed away. While some fail to carry out the necessary steps of informing their assigned beneficiary that they have received this title, and these benefits in the event of their death, others simply misplace the policy and leave their loved ones struggling to figure out exactly what type of benefits they had.

Luckily, insurance claims lawyers local to you in Wyoming have come across some useful information provided by the Wyoming Department of Insurance (WDI) that may help you discover what type of policy was purchased, but there are some things you are going to need on your part to get this process started.

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Some basic information is needed in order to begin the process of locating a life insurance policy.

You’ll need:

  • The insured’s full name
  • Social security number
  • State in which the policy was purchased

In the event you know a policy exists, and you are wanting to claim benefits, you must be able to produce a death certificate as well.

Denied insurance claim attorneys point out that while some are in search of a policy after the passing of their loved one, others simply are trying to assist their elderly family member who may be struggling to recollect the details of their policy they claim they purchased. Some places the WDI suggests you look include:

  • Search through files, safety deposit boxes, or any other storage areas where the policy or any pertinent information pertaining to it could have been placed.
  • If you are trying to determine which company their policy was purchased through, check through bank statements or voided checks that may have been made out to the insurance company.
  • “Review income tax returns for claims for interest earned on insurance policies.”
  • Try and locate any applications for any life insurance policies.
  • Make contact with any lawyers, accountants, or investment advisors your loved one had connection with.

    photodune 1781264 insurance xs 300x200 Trying to Locate a Lost Life Insurance Policy?
    A lawyer may be able to help you locate a lost life insurance policy.
  • Check through your family members address book to try and identify any potential insurance companies they have worked with.

While finding the life insurance policy may be one feat you are trying to overcome, many others struggle with being denied access to these benefits. If this is a current issue you are struggling with, know there is legal assistance available who can aid in the process and help fight for your rights as a designated beneficiary. connects individuals like you with reliable and resourceful insurance claims lawyers located right in your city who specialize in handling denied life insurance benefits claims. Give them a call to learn how they can help get you connected with a professional to assist with your matter.

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