A man in Houston found himself having to be cut out of his vehicle after slamming into a fire truck around 3:30 a.m. in Houston. ABC 13 reported that the fire truck had been returning to the station from a call and was backing the vehicle up across Little York near Homestead when the driver of a Chevrolet Impala crashed into it. HFD District Chief Eric Hutzley suspected that the driver may have been drunk as they had their lights flashing and the traffic signal had been red, although the driver ignored both.
After the collision, the driver of the Impala had to be cut out of his vehicle and was then transported to the hospital after suffering leg injuries. The operator of the firetruck was also transported to an area hospital as he was complaining of shoulder pain. The source indicated that both were expected to be okay. One of the firefighters later told the news source that the driver admitted to him that he had been drinking prior to the accident. He will likely be facing a DUI charge among others for causing a wreck that resulted in injuries.

Texas Motorist Slams into Buick, Killing Driver Inside

A few days prior to this crash, another occurred in Harris County around the same time. According to Chron, it was 3:30 a.m. when Rafael Escobar crashed head-on into a 2006 Buick Lacrosse after he was allegedly speeding down the roadway heading west. The accident occurred in the 13400 block of FM 529, and the impact caused both vehicles to spin out of control before they came to a rest facing southwest. Escobar was said to have been driving while intoxicated and both drivers were transported to a local hospital for treatment.
Although Escobar’s injuries were said to have been non-life-threatening, the driver of the Buick did not survive the crash. Escobar is now being charged with intoxication manslaughter and will need a Texas drunk driving accident lawyer to defend him if he wants a fighting chance at getting his charges reduced.
Because drunk drivers are frowned upon so heavily given most accidents involving them result in a death, the penalties a DUI offender faces for causing an accident are rather severe. Some of the ramifications vary depending on the severity of the incident, however, below we are sharing only some of the consequences a DUI offender will be faced with based on how many times they have been hit with this charge.
If you have been charged with DUI in Houston after causing an accident, you will want to retain a drunk driving accident attorney to ensure your case is being handled properly and fairly.

  • A first-time offender may be fined $2,000, have to spend three to six months in jail, and a have their license suspended for a year.
  • A second time offender may incur a $4,000 fine, have to spend one month to a year in jail, and may have their license suspended for up to two years.
  • A third time offender may receive a $10,000 fine, have to spend between two to 10 years in jail, and lose their driver’s license for up to two years.

[Source: Chron].
And in the event you are currently facing a DUI accident charge in TXand are seeking legal aid from a reputable and qualified drunk driving accident attorney in Houston, TX, USAttorneys.com is here to help you.

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