With the world’s top cryptocurrency printing monstrous gains all the time now, you might be doing some research on Bitcoin and asking yourself, “Is it too late to be investing in Bitcoin?” Given the parabolic price action, this is an understandable concern – especially if you’re searching for that “magic” investment as you retire and approach the estate planning process. 


For a better perspective on this question, let’s consider that the price of gold was $34 in 1940. At the time, this was a historic high. By 2020, gold breached the $2000 level. This means that someone in 1940 could have invested $10,000 in gold, and in 2020, given $588,000 to their grandchildren for college or a new house. 


With Bitcoin hovering at the $50,000 level, it may feel like you’ve missed the boat – just like someone who may have considered a gold investment in the 1940s before backing away. But assuming Bitcoin sticks around for the long term, then you don’t need to worry about the fact that you didn’t buy it when it was at $1. There’s always going to be someone who bought it cheaper; Those who bought it at $10 felt bad about not getting in at 5$, and those who bought it at $40,000 felt bad about not buying it at $20,000. The important thing is to think about the long term. 


If the future is anything like the past, then you won’t have to wait till you have grandchildren to get returns. While gold has steadily crept up a few dollars at a time over millennia, Bitcoin has exploded millions of percent – from $0.01 to $50,000 in less than a decade.


Mastering your Bitcoin trading research


With that said, timing your Bitcoin trades properly can be the difference between waiting 4 years to profit, and waiting 4 hours. Luckily, Dr. Charles Nenner has simplified the process of Bitcoin investment research by using the power of cycles to allow anyone to get in and out of markets at the best possible times. 


Just like seasons, financial markets go through time-based cycles that when harnessed, can improve a trader’s game by miles. W.D Gann, arguably the best trader of all time, once said that “time is more important than price. When time is up, price will reverse.” 


Bitcoin is no exception, and in fact, BTC is probably the best asset in the world for using cycles as an indicator, according to Dr. Nenner. Bitcoin has no real fundamental influencers that can sway price. Political conflicts, war, economic crisis, all have no real effect on it. Powerful politicians can state vocal opinions on Bitcoin and its price will remain unchanged as this new form of currency keeps on doing its thing. 


The only real driver of Bitcoin’s price is its cycles, which Dr. Nenner has mapped out in an amazingly simplified way. Anyone can follow these cycles, making his Bitcoin research firm one of the best in the world. 


Discover Dr. Nenner’s renowned Bitcoin trading research now.

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