Iowa City car chase resulted in two hospitalizations after the driver left the scene

One of the most reckless things that a driver can do after an accident is to speed away from the scene. This can cause additional crashes and property damage. 

A motor vehicle chase that resulted in injuries started north of Iowa City in Oelwein. 

Pedestrian and police officer injured by driver who refused to stop

The incident began when a 29 year old male was at the intersections of Fifth Street and North Frederick Ave in Oelwein. He hit a pedestrian in this area, and then sped off, leaving the scene without making contact with the first victim. A few minutes after this collision, an Iowa conservation officer spotted the suspect and attempted to stop him. The suspect began to accelerate and started a high speed pursuit that went through Fayette and Buchanan Counties. When the suspect approached Delaware Road and 150th Street, he crashed into a police car that was assisting with the chase. The suspect then got out of the car on foot, but the conservation officer caught up to him within minutes and arrested him.  

One deputy from the Buchanan County Sheriff was injured during the incident, and he was flown to a clinic in Iowa City to be treated for serious injuries. He was still being evaluated at the time of the news report. The pedestrian was treated at Mercy One Hospital in Oelwein. 

The Iowa State Patrol responded to the area after the crash and they plan to conduct a full investigation. 

The importance of legal representation

When someone sustains serious injuries related to a motor vehicle crash, their ability to function normally can be altered for the rest of their life. They may not be able to work at their prior job or be able to take care of themselves without permanent medical assistance. In these situations, a civil lawsuit is the only way to receive adequate compensation to pay for these long term expenses. 

How does your lawyer determine the value of your lawsuit?

An attorney can collect a number of pieces of evidence that are relevant to the element of damages. This is essentially the sum of all expenses and losses that were caused by the driver at fault for the accident. These damages are proven through things like the accident report, medical records, wage statements, and any other documentation that may be relevant to showing what the victim’s career and lifestyle looked like before the accident

Speak with a personal injury lawyer in Iowa City

After any kind of motor vehicle accident, an attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf to receive payment for lost wages, medical bills, and other losses. To begin the process, contact:

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