An accident in Iowa City resulted in a motorcyclist being sent to a local hospital for treatment. 

Motorcycle rider is hospitalized and fire department finds he was not wearing a helmet

Emergency crews responded to the scene of the collision at the 400 block of Rocky Shore Drive at about 2:30 pm on a Tuesday. This area is where Rocky Shore merges with Park Road in the northwestern part of Iowa City. After first responders arrived, they totally shut down both roads and traffic in all directions for several minutes. The motorcycle rider was evaluated and sent to a local hospital afterwards.

There was a large response from Iowa City Police, the University of Iowa Police Department, and the Iowa City Fire Department as well. Fire officials found that the driver was not wearing a helmet during the crash. No one else was reported injured or involved at the accident scene, but a full investigation is still pending.  

Is the rider required to wear a helmet in the state of Iowa?

Iowa is a state that technically does not require those operating motorcycles to wear helmets. This means that the police cannot give citations to riders who are not wearing safety equipment to protect their heads, but it does not speak to the practical and health risks of sustaining a serious head injury. 

Drivers can essentially assume the risk of being injured and sustaining head trauma or brain damage if they choose to not wear a helmet. However, wearing a helmet is always a good idea, as those who have brain injuries may also experience secondary problems with memory or lose the ability to function normally. Head trauma can also create psychological problems, sleep disturbances, and difficulties in work and social life. 

Someone who does not wear a helmet may essentially be put in a situation after an accident where they require some kind of long term medical or mental health treatment. These costs can quickly add up, and an attorney who handles accident cases is the only way to receive an appropriate amount of compensation. 

Civil injury lawyers

Attorneys who focus on accident cases can file a lawsuit against the person or business responsible for the incident and make them pay for the victim’s costs. There may even be situations like a single vehicle accident in the story above where an automobile or motorcycle manufacturer can be sued in a products liability case for fault vehicle design. 

Speak with a civil attorney who helps accident victims

There are lawyers who handle cases related to motorcycle accidents and all other types of automobile collisions in the Iowa City area. To get immediate help, contact:

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