Iowa City worker is injured when his tractor suddenly rolls backwards

People who work with large vehicles and machines every day are at a higher risk of injury than the general public. This is because accidents regularly happen in areas like construction sites and on farms. 

A man was seriously hurt and needed to be hospitalized after a tractor accident in Fayette County, Iowa

Tractor slides onto worker after it was parked

The local sheriff’s office received a call about an incident on the 2700 block of Muskrat Road at 11:30am. A preliminary investigation showed that a man from West Union township was driving a tractor and made a stop. When he exited the machine, the tractor suddenly started to roll backwards and hit him while he was behind it. The victim got stuck under the body of the tractor. 

The victim needed to be taken to Palmer Hospital in West Union. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was airlifted and transferred from Palmer Hospital to Gunderson Hospital in Lacrosse.   

Law enforcement was still investigating the incident at the time of the report, and specific details about the victim’s injuries were not released to the media. 

Fayette County is located north of the Iowa City area. 

Accidents involving agricultural equipment or heavy machinery 

Operating heavy machinery is always dangerous, and sometimes there may be malfunctions or mechanical problems. Depending on the facts of the situation, either the manufacturer or the business that owns the equipment may be responsible for any damage caused by the machine. The civil law has a number of ways that victims can be compensated, including personal injury cases and products liability lawsuits for defective equipment. 

The extent of injuries is important

Serious accidents can cause injuries that change a person’s life forever. They can suffer from permanent back problems, head trauma and concussions, broken limbs, and may even require constant medical treatment. 

From a legal perspective, the severity of the injury is important, as this factors into the element of damages. Someone who can no longer work normally and has increased medical costs can include these losses in their complaint that starts the lawsuit. The attorney for the victim can argue for a large amount of compensation in a settlement agreement or from a jury verdict due to the extreme changes that these injuries cause to the victim’s quality of life. They can also argue for non-economic damages related to trauma and emotional pain.  

Speak with a local attorney in Iowa City about your situation 

There are lawyers who can meet with you and talk about various kinds of injuries and accidents. They can also recommend a course of action that will likely include a civil lawsuit. To learn more, contact: 

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices

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