Road obstacles such as construction sites, inclement weather, damaged pavement, and debris are common causes of accidents. When a driver cannot successfully navigate these obstacles, they may injure others nearby and create a serious situation that requires an emergency response. 

A motor vehicle crash in a rural part of Linn County Iowa injured several people and killed at least one. 

At least 3 were taken to hospitals and one person died during a Linn County collision

Police and rescue crews initially responded to a two vehicle crash at the 12000 block of Ellis Road, near the city of Atkins. The Linn County Sheriff said that officers arrived at the scene, which is several miles west of Cedar Rapids, at about 5:30pm that night. 

Authorities believe that one of the vehicles was going eastbound, while a westbound vehicle failed to yield while going through a construction site causing the crash. The driver of the car that was eastbound was pronounced dead shortly after the crash. The westbound car contained a 30 year old, a 23 year old, and a 33 year old. The driver was found trapped under the car when police arrived, and the other two were removed from the inside and taken to area hospitals.  

The Linn County Sheriff said that they will conduct a full investigation. None of the names of the victims were released, and it is unknown if the driver who failed to yield will receive a traffic citation or be charged criminally for the death of the driver in the other car. 

Getting assistance from injury attorneys

Lawyers assist accident victims by making sure the person or business at fault compensates them properly for various expenses related to the incident. An injury lawsuit can provide financial assistance with costs related to medical treatment and hospitalization, lost wages, and other related problems. When someone dies in a motor vehicle crash or workplace accident, a wrongful death case can be used to cover things like funeral and burial expenses in addition to the other costs. 

Shortly after the incident, it is best to contact an insurance company and the police if necessary. This will help create a formal record of the event that may be used in court as evidence. In serious accidents, the insurance claim process will often not provide enough financial assistance to help victims who have serious medical problems or a diminished ability to work. In these cases, it is best to use a civil lawsuit to help recover additional expenses. 

Speak with an accident attorney in Iowa

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