Iowa experienced a large increase in unemployed workers after the coronavirus pandemic

Many employers and businesses were caught off guard by the coronavirus pandemic. This resulted in a large amount of job losses in Iowa and other states around the country. Even though these businesses were forced to close in most cases, they still need to pay their employees properly and follow all relevant laws. 

The state of Iowa is paying out millions more dollars worth of unemployment claims than it did in previous months before the coronavirus outbreak. 

Unemployment claim records show millions of dollars in new and continued filings

The Iowa Workforce Development Program reported a very large increase in the total dollar amount paid out in claims for the first half of April 2020. Claims for the weeks of April 5th and 11th 2020 represented a significant increase, mostly due to people forced out of work because of coronavirus restrictions and forced closing of non-essential businesses. The state’s workforce development program said that new and continuing claims have been in the tens and hundreds of thousands each week since late March. Just under $38 million in total was paid out for the week that began on April 5th. 

Certain sectors were hit harder than others in Iowa. Healthcare and social assistance jobs were the most likely to be lost. Manufacturing, retail, and food services also lost thousands of jobs. A miscellaneous category for all jobs that did not fit into categories listed on the Workforce Development claims recorded very high numbers as well. 

The same week was the beginning of the federal CARES act payments, and stimulus checks for the coronavirus relief fund reached many Americans. The federal pandemic unemployment compensation program that gives an additional $600 was sent to just under 100,000 Iowans. 

Legal issues after a job loss

While many employers were forced to close down and shed employees due to the coronavirus pandemic, they must still pay their employees all of the wages that they were owed and they can only end a worker’s employment for neutral reasons. If they violate any labor regulations passed by the state of Iowa or the federal government, they can find themselves defending against a civil lawsuit. 

Unpaid wages are a common problem when a business must suddenly shut down. Sometimes, a former employee may have to spend weeks or months fighting to get all of the money they are owed. If it seems like the business is being evasive or attempting to break the law, it is recommended to get assistance from an attorney who focuses on these kinds of labor issues. 

Get help from an employment attorney in Iowa

There are lawyers who help people who have recently lost their jobs and may have issues with unpaid wages, discrimination, or related problems. Use the listings of legal professionals on USAttorneys.com to find an attorney near you. 

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