Iowa gas station explosion injures two and causes extensive property damage

When a business experiences a sudden, unforeseen accident, they may be sued if their careless actions caused injuries to customers and bystanders on or near the property

Two victims needed to be hospitalized after a gas station exploded in Iowa

Gas station accident in a small town devastated the area

One of the station’s owners was fixing a tire at around 8 am. He said that he heard a loud noise that he believed to be an exploding tire, but he suddenly got knocked to the ground seconds later. The victim remembers trying to crawl out from under a large amount of debris, and he believes that the roof probably collapsed on him. Authorities later confirmed that two explosions totally destroyed the building. These blasts were loud enough that people in neighboring towns miles away heard them.    

The victim turned around and assisted one of his coworkers when he realized the man was still trapped inside. Police and firefighters from several towns nearby came to the scene to assist the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office with helping at the scene and investigating the incident. As soon as the fire department arrived, they moved quickly to control the spread of the fire and get debris off of the nearby roads. Residents in the area reported debris on the ground and blocked roads as far as 6 miles away. 

A house located right across the street from the gas station had several windows that faced the blast destroyed by debris. One of the occupants said that the inside of his house felt like a warzone for several minutes. Items inside that were on shelves or in cupboards were also damaged. 

The co-owner of the gas station in Earling, Iowa and his brother in law were believed to be dead by witnesses, but they both survived and were hospitalized. The local Sheriff said that the gas station has been in the community for decades and many locals have memories of going to the same location for fuel for years. 

The Iowa State Fire Marshall will go to the scene and conduct a full investigation to determine what caused the explosion. 

Losses caused by a business accident

When someone experiences serious injuries or property damage due to the negligence of a business, they can file a lawsuit to receive money to cover these losses. In a situation like the news story above, the gas station ownership may have to pay for medical treatment and repairs for people and property owners in the area. 

Speak with an injury attorney in Iowa

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