Any kind of infection or viral outbreak can become deadly when it spreads through the confines of a nursing home. This was found to be a large contributing factor in the deaths of many individuals when coronavirus first hit the USA. If the facility was negligent in their handling of the incident, the administration may face a civil lawsuit. 

The coronavirus outbreak caused the deaths of at least 14 residents of a Cedar Rapids nursing home

Linn County nursing home outbreak results in 14 deaths

An employee with the Linn County medical examiner confirmed that all of the deceased elderly people they investigated with COVID-19 were residents of the Heritage Specialty Care facility. The governor added that the state is aware of at least 76 infections that have been tied to this particular home. That number represents about one third of the total number of residents and staff at the facility. The home had initially refused to give any exact details regarding infections and deaths to the public or media, however, at least a dozen of the infected individuals are believed to have fully recovered.  

Linn County has recorded the most number of infections and deaths in the state’s of Iowa’s 99 counties, at least partially due to this outbreak. The home represented the largest single known source of an outbreak in the entire state of Iowa. The county medical examiner said that she only knew of two coronavirus fatalities in the county that were not tied to this facility. 

Nursing homes around the country have become a focal point during the pandemic, as confined spaces with high volumes of elderly and sick people are most likely to spread the virus and result in poor healthcare outcomes for those infected. In Iowa alone, this home along with others in Washington and Tama counties, accounted for about half of the state’s coronavirus cases. At the time of the news report, there were about 1500 total confirmed cases of the virus in Iowa and 34 deaths. 

Lawsuits against nursing homes 

The format of most civil negligence cases includes a breach of the defendant’s duty of care along with damages to the victim. It is common for nursing homes to neglect those under their care which can result in injuries, serious illness, or even death. When this happens, the victim or their family should retain a civil attorney to receive compensation related to medical treatment and other losses caused by the home’s negligence. The value of the case is determined by the severity of harm to the victim. 

Speak with a nursing home abuse attorney

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