Iowa regulates who can drive commercial vehicles and their maximum size

Iowa City, IA – Commercial vehicles are subject to various safety regulations in the state of Iowa. Many of these laws and regulations exist to minimize the possibility of truck accidents and regulate commerce within the state. If a driver is in violation of any of these rules they can be fined or possibly even lose their commercial driving privileges. If a commercial driver is in violation of these regulations and causes an accident, evidence of this violation may be used as evidence against the driver and their business in a civil lawsuit. 

Receiving and maintaining commercial driving privileges

According to the state’s guide for commercial drivers and truckers, before starting to operate a commercial vehicle on the roads, they must obtain a permit and have it for at least 14 days, then complete a driving skills test. When a driver possesses only the commercial learner’s permit, they can only drive with another licensed CDL driver and cannot transport certain types of cargo. Once a driver is fully licensed, they must also get an additional endorsement for hazardous materials if their business deals with chemicals or other items that meet this description. A background check and an additional test are required for the hazmat endorsement on the license. 

Once a driver has obtained their Iowa CDL, they must be careful to follow all of the relevant rules to avoid suspension. Some reasons why the license can be taken away by the government include traffic violations and fines, or violation of an out of service order. 

Even after obtaining all relevant certifications, there is the possibility that a commercial vehicle or trailer does not comply with the state’s dimensions for travel. All trailers, buses, motor homes, and other types of large towing vehicles are subject to maximum length requirements. There are also weight limits when these vehicles travel on state and interstate highways. 

Accidents where a truck or commercial driver is involved

If a driver causes an accident while they are operating a commercial vehicle, they can be sued and their employer will be liable as well. The business may end up paying a large amount of damages to cover medical treatment and lost income of all of the victims involved. Because of this possibility, it is recommended that all businesses who utilize commercial vehicles follow the state’s regulations and safety guidelines. 

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