West Palm Beach, FL – Accidents that include a combination of standard cars and trucking vehicles are a common problem on highways and other roads. When a driver is caught in this situation, they may sustain very serious injuries or even pass away. The victim or their family should seek legal help immediately if it appears that a trucking company or their drivers were at fault for the collision. A licensed attorney can offer advice and representation to help victims receive financial compensation for their losses. 

Truck collisions in Florida and the rest of the United States

Large semi trucks and similar vehicles are a consistent source of traffic accidents and fatal injuries in south Florida and the West Palm Beach area. Florida is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous states in the country for serious accidents caused by large commercial vehicles and truck drivers. Interstate 95, which passes through the Miami metro area and Palm Beach County is a particular hotspot for truck collisions due to the high volume of vehicles on the highway each day. The Florida Turnpike is another known problem area for collisions that can involve combinations of trucks, cars, and motorcycles. 

Nationally, there are also fatalities caused by semi truck accidents every day of the year. These accidents can cost several hundred thousand dollars on average due to property damage, medical costs, cleanup costs, and lost cargo.

Suing a negligent truck driver

Personal injury lawyers who focus on truck accidents have a number of ways of helping their clients after these types of incidents. They may be able to investigate if the driver was following all of the relevant trucking regulations, if the vehicle had problems, or if various other kinds of errors caused the collision. Any fault that can be attributed to the driver or their parent company will be listed in the injury lawsuit as part of an argument that the defendant committed negligence. The negligence case essentially argues that the driver was not careful enough on the roads and caused various types of injuries and property damage. 

The trucking business may be attached as a defendant in the lawsuit rather than the individual driver. This is due to special insurance that trucking businesses have, along with legal doctrines that make these companies liable for the actions of their drivers. 

Attorneys are available to assist with lawsuits

Smith and Vanture assist local clients in West Palm Beach and nearby parts of Florida with accident lawsuits. Anyone who is interested in the process to bring a civil case and receive compensation can get in touch with the firm to learn more. 

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