Michigan—Divorces, whether they involve kids or not, can be complicated matters to get through. While a couple without children won’t have to address issues like child custody and child support, that doesn’t mean they will be able to just file their divorce paperwork with the court and go their separate ways. There are plenty of other issues that will need to be addressed, and each party’s willingness to cooperate will determine how easy or difficult the process will be to get through.


Common Issues Addressed in a Divorce


When a couple decides to divorce in Michigan and there are no children involved, whether it is because the kids are now adults or the couple never conceived, the following issues will need to be addressed and settled:


Division of Assets

Michigan law requires that marital property be divided fairly. If a couple has worked out how they want to divide their assets, then the court likely won’t need to intervene. Unfortunately, the division of assets is one issue that often makes a divorce difficult to get through as many couples aren’t able to come to an agreement on the matter as some believe they are entitled to more than what the other party is wanting to part with.

When this happens, it can prolong the divorce from being settled. If a discrepancy arises regarding what is considered marital property and separate property, this too can have an impact on how long it will take for a couple to get through their divorce.



When the right circumstances exist, a court will award alimony, also referred to as spousal support, to one party involved in the divorce.1 However, the key to obtaining alimony is being able to show that it is needed and the party seeking it is entitled to it. If one party believes they shouldn’t be required to pay alimony, it can make the divorce process more stressful.

Couples who enter into a divorce without children are likely to get through the process with much more ease when they have the issues outlined above figured out. This means they know how they want to divide their assets and whether or not one party is deserving of receiving alimony. When these matters can be settled quickly, it can make the process less difficult than if it involved children.


Hiring a Divorce Attorney


Divorces that don’t involve children are also easier to get through when an individual is being represented by a Michigan divorce lawyer. When a party involved in a divorce chooses to retain a divorce attorney, they can rest easy knowing their lawyer is going to handle most of the tasks for them. All they need to do is stay in close contact with their lawyer and be willing to cooperate until the divorce has been settled.

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