Just because an individual has been arrested by police officers in Fort Myers, Florida, does not necessarily mean they are guilty of committing the crime they were accused of. Luckily there is an entire court system put in place in which a person is given a trial so the judge and jury can decide whether they were guilty of committing the crime they were accused of, or not.

However, being innocent of a crime does not mean that a person should discard the idea of hiring an attorney to represent themselves. It is always a better idea to connect with a lawyer when a person has been faced with criminal charges, and the more serious the charges, the greater the urgency for them to get in touch with the right attorney to help them put up their defenses and to help them fight their case in court.

Sometimes individuals don’t hire a lawyer because they think they have sufficient evidence to prove the other party is guilty, but what most people do not understand is that there is a proper legal protocol for presenting one’s defense and if a person chooses to represent themselves they will be expected to know what the law demands from them in a court setting. If they make legal and procedural errors, it can greatly decrease their chances of winning their case.

Anyone who is convicted of any sort of crime should reach out to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to get legal advice and to begin working on one’s case.

When an innocent person is arrested in Fort Myers, Florida

Unfortunately, innocent individuals do get arrested from time to time and anyone facing charges that they are not guilty of should exercise their rights during and after the arrest. They have the right to remain silent so instead of saying something that could make matters worse and make them look more guilty, a person should exercise this right to the fullest.

A person should ask if they can speak to their attorney right away. Though people refrain from doing this because they fear it makes them look guilty, the opposite is true. If a person tries to talk themselves out of the situation, they usually make matters much worse, and asking for a lawyer is a much better alternative that can prevent them from falling into more troubled waters.

Individuals should also remember to remain calm and polite as best as they possibly can, no matter how difficult it may be in the given situation. When a person is accused of committing a crime that they did not do, it can be easy to lose one’s cool and become very upset. However, a person should not lash out and they should try to be as polite as possible throughout their interactions with the officers.

Whether a person is guilty of their crime or arrested unfairly, they should get in touch with a criminal defense attorney at the Robert Foley Law Firm as soon as possible to get help with one’s case.

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