Is it necessary to hire an Atlanta, GA immigration lawyer to apply for DACA?

Although U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USICS) provides individuals with an outline of the requirements that must be met in order to qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) as well as instructions on how to apply, there is little help available to those who have unique circumstances or questions. This is why it benefits to consult with and sometimes even hire, an Atlanta, GA immigration attorney before beginning the DACA application process.


Benefits of Retaining an Immigration Attorney to Help with the DACA Application Process


  1. They will ensure the individual meets all the eligibility requirements before they submit their application.

Aside from meeting the general requirements to qualify for DACA, individuals must also be sure their record is clear of certain types of criminal offenses that could harm their chances of being considered for the immigration benefit. In addition, there may be other specific requirements an individual might need to meet in order to be eligible to apply. Although USCIS is not going to help an individual determine if their specific situation qualifies them for DACA, an Atlanta, GA immigration attorney will.


  1. They can help an individual avoid experiencing a financial loss.

Most, if not all immigration benefits carry a fee. This means individuals are required to pay something when they submit an application for a specific type of immigration benefit or to renew the benefit they are already receiving. When an individual who is looking to apply for DACA completes their application and submits it without first consulting with an immigration lawyer, there is a chance they could make a simple mistake that could cause their application to be denied.

In many cases, when an application for an immigration benefit is denied due to an error, the individual may be required to complete the entire process all over again, including having to pay the full fee. To prevent this from happening, potential DACA recipients could avoid a financial loss by having a lawyer assist them with the entire application process.


  1. They will look out for the individual’s best interest.

When an immigration lawyer is brought on board to assist with the DACA application process, an individual can rest assured as they will walk them through each step and intervene if an issue arises. For instance, if USCIS denies the application or requests additional information, an Atlanta immigration attorney will work to resolve the issue or help the individual gather the documentation needed to get their application processed.


Get Connected with an Immigration Law Firm in Atlanta Now


If an individual is considering applying for DACA, has an immigration-related question, or still isn’t sure if they need to retain a lawyer, they can always contact Kuck | Baxter Immigration for an initial consultation.


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