Is it police brutality when Denver cops use dogs as weapons?

Denver, CO – Local mass media regularly posts heart-warming stories about police dogs going into retirement with full honors and a cake, but you’ll rarely find articles about police brutality cases involving a K9. Can someone file a police brutality complaint if they are bitten by a K9? 

A Colorado Springs man recently won $190,000 in compensation in a police brutality lawsuit after suffering horrific injuries when a police dog threw him to the ground.

The police were looking for Christopher Correll after receiving a call for a domestic disturbance. They found him under a truck and he agreed to come out, even raising his hands in the air. The scene was rather tense as Correll was arguing with the officers. That’s when K9 Odin intervened and brought him down while viciously biting at his legs. The man required surgery and several skin grafts to recover from the horrific injuries.

Correll’s legal team used a police-worn body camera video to prove that the dog didn’t attack the man out of the blue, he was ordered to by his handler, a certain Sergeant Snuggs.

Sergeant Snuggs sent his K-9 to attack Mr. Correll simply because he could, no matter the consequences for Mr. Correll, which were horrible. Responsibility for Sergeant Snuggs’ callous decision now falls solely on the taxpayers of Colorado Springs,” Mr.Correll’s attorney said. 

Over the past few months, there have been several incidents in which K9s attacked passers-by. In Denver, K9 Rex was forced into early retirement after biting a random person on the street and its handler was suspended for a couple of days. 

When can you file a police brutality complaint for a dog’s actions?

Police dogs are not like Tasers or batons, but law enforcement agents still use them as weapons sometimes. In Mr.Corrells case, there was no need to set the dog on him, as the man was cooperating, he was not trying to flee, nor was he a dangerous criminal.

Police can only use force, including K9s, when there’s a threat to their lives or they’re trying to apprehend a dangerous criminal who may attack someone else or destroy evidence. If you were bitten by a dog during a police action when there was no need for the officers to use force, you have every right to file a complaint. Talk to a good Denver police brutality lawyer and sue them to get the damages you deserve for your suffering. 

When is a police dog ‘drug sniff’ illegal?

Police dogs have proved themselves most valuable when it comes to discovering drug shipments and they do deserve a lot of praise for that. However, the fact that a K9 is trained to sniff illegal substances doesn’t mean that he can do it anytime anywhere. 

If, for instance, you are stopped by police for a random traffic violation, the K9 accompanying them is not allowed to sniff out your car. This is basically a search and police officers can only search your car if they have “probable cause” to do so. If they don’t and act on hunch or because they don’t like the color of your skin, that’s an illegal search. You can file a civil rights lawsuit as it is a violation of your constitutional rights as defined under the Fourth Amendment.

At the same time even if the dog does find drugs in your car, a police misconduct lawyer can file a motion for the charges against you to be dismissed as they are based on inadmissible evidence. 

If you were recently a victim of any type of police misconduct in Denver, talk to a dedicated civil rights lawyer at the Bryan&Terrill law firm to see how to proceed with your case.

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