Is it possible for a driver in Smoke Bend to bring a lawsuit after a single vehicle accident?

Smoke Bend, LA – There are a number of different reasons why there may be a single car accident. Some of these problems include driver error, road obstacles, mechanical failures, and inclement weather. Depending on the specific facts surrounding the incident, it may be possible for the driver to sue another party for negligence. However, if the driver is entirely at fault for their own injuries, it will not be possible to receive compensation from any other party. People who have been harmed in accidents should always get legal advice from a licensed attorney before making any important decisions about bringing an accident lawsuit in Louisiana.

Severe weather

If weather conditions are to blame for a single vehicle accident, this should be handled through the insurance process. In most cases, no one can be named as a defendant for a crash that was due to natural conditions. However, there may be some exceptions such as when the government responsible for clearing the roads were negligent. If the municipality or county has notice of the weather and road conditions, they should either attempt to close certain roads, warn the drivers to stay away, or clean areas that contain ice, water, and other materials that can cause a crash. 

This can be a highly fact intensive analysis, so it is best for any accident victim that was affected by the weather to get specific advice for their situation. 

Vehicle failures

If a driver suddenly loses control due to a defective part on their vehicle, this implicates an area of tort law known as products liability. All vehicles and their parts are supposed to be safe during their normal and intended uses. A sudden loss of control that was due to the product’s improper manufacture or design is the legal responsibility of the company that produced the item. These companies can be sued under a theory of strict liability, and the companies often conduct recalls to try to catch these problems before people are injured and sue them. 

Driver error

If a driver causes a single vehicle crash through their own mistakes, it will not be possible to sue any other party. Common causes of errors include distracted driving through phone use and texting, or even drunk driving. These drivers should contact their insurance company to report the accident and file a claim, but it is not necessary to take legal action. 

Additional information about motor vehicle accident lawsuits

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an accident firm that works with local clients in the Smoke Bend area. Anyone who needs to meet with an attorney and discuss the possibility of an injury lawsuit in Louisiana can contact their firm to learn more. 

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