Is it possible for a driver to lose their license after an accident in Monticello?

Monticello, LA – There are many traffic laws which are meant to protect drivers and minimize the chances of a car accident. Serious violations of these laws include penalties that can cause the person to lose their driving privileges as well. Anyone who has been involved in a crash should get legal advice regarding how to respond and whether a lawsuit is necessary. 

Leaving the scene of an accident

All drivers are supposed to stop and make contact with the others involved in any accident, otherwise they can be charged with a crime. Louisiana law has a mandatory driver’s license suspension included in their laws against leaving the scene of a motor vehicle collision.  The driver also has to pay a reinstatement fee to the department of motor vehicles to get their driving privileges back after the suspension. In most cases, the driver’s insurance company will also either raise their rates or drop their coverage. 

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

If a driver is intoxicated when an accident happens, this is another form of criminal behavior that can result in a license suspension as part of related criminal and administrative penalties. Aside from the license suspension, there are other serious consequences such as the possibility of jail time and fines. If a person is hurt or killed by a drunk driver, the driver will be charged with a felony. 

Reckless driving laws

If the police believe that the driver was engaged in reckless driving when the accident happened, this can result in a license suspension as well. Louisiana’s traffic laws give police the discretion to charge drivers if they believe that they person was driving in such a way that would jeopardize the safety of others nearby. 

Lawsuits against drivers

Any driver who was engaged in these kinds of traffic violations when an accident occurred can be sued. The victim will likely argue that these behaviors which result in the loss of a license are evidence of negligence. If the plaintiff in the lawsuit is successful, the defendant will have to pay out various damages to cover medical bills and treatment, as well as other kinds of losses related to the crash. Depending on the specific terms of the insurance policy, the driver may not be covered if they committed a crime when they caused the accident. This means that the person can be liable to pay damages out of their own money. 

Attorneys are available to provide guidance after a collision

Accident lawyers in Monticello are available to assist anyone who has been injured. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an experienced local firm that focuses on personal injury law in Louisiana. 

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