Is it possible for sexual harassment to take place during a job interview in Texas?

Houston, TX – While sexual harassment normally takes place once a person has already been hired and is actively working, there are instances where conduct during a job interview becomes harassment. The employer conducting the job interview can be sued even if there is no formal employment relationship between the person they are interviewing and the company. Sexual harassment laws cover these situations where the person technically does not work for the business yet if the conduct in question is serious enough. 

What kinds of harassment happen at job interviews? 

Some examples of harassment that have happened during job interviews included inappropriate touching, asking about the interviewee’s sexual past or marital status, implying that the person will need to provide sexual favors to receive a job offer, commenting on the person’s body or physical attributes, and using the person’s financial problems as leverage for mistreatment. Generally speaking, if it seems like the person conducting the job interview is trying to take advantage of the applicant’s need for employment and income by behaving in a sexual manner, this can be considered harassment. As far as physical touching is concerned, shaking hands is customary, but the amount of physical contact should be very minimal and brief. 

However, it is also important to realize that most sexual harassment lawsuits are about a pattern of behavior. The fact that the person conducting the interview made one inappropriate comment may not be enough to bring a lawsuit. A reasonable person standard is applied to determine if they behavior in question is considered legally actionable sexual harassment or not. Anyone who has concerns should contact a local employment attorney and explain their situation. 

Remedies for sexual harassment

Lawsuits against workplaces for sexual harassment provide various kinds of damages and compensation for the victim. Most of the time, lost income or wages that can be attributed to the harassment along with the costs of finding another job if the person is no longer employed are given to the victim. Back pay and lost wages sometimes include interest to make up for the amount of time the victim did not have their proper income. If the victim was traumatized due to repeat instances of harassment, a hostile work environment, or being assaulted, they may also receive damages for treatment such as therapy and counseling.  To get the specific value of any case, the victim should meet with a lawyer.

Contacting a labor attorney

Moore and Associates is a firm that deals with discrimination, sexual harassment, and unpaid wage claims in Texas. Local workers can get in touch with the firm to learn if they need to bring a lawsuit against their employer. 

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