Is substance abuse a factor in trucking accidents in Erwinville?

Erwinville, LA – Accidents involving large commercial vehicles are a common source of injuries and death on highways across the country. These happen for a number of reasons, and the use of drugs and alcohol can potentially be relevant to the accident investigation. However, it is also difficult to get exact numbers regarding how likely it is for truckers to drive drunk or a person to be injured by a drunk commercial driver as not everyone is caught and not all people who drive after consuming drugs or alcohol are involved in accidents. In any situation, a truck accident victim has the option of bringing a civil lawsuit for compensation to pay for their injuries. 

Reasons for substance abuse in the commercial driving industry

Truck drivers have a dangerous job that can create lots of stress and anxiety. This is because they often have to meet deadlines and spend many hours at a time driving alone. Some workers in this industry have been known to attempt to handle these stressors and other mental health issues with various kinds of drugs or alcohol. This can be especially dangerous when considering that many intoxicated drivers are never caught, and they can cause an accident 

Lower limits for commercial drivers

Because of the concerns with drunk driving among commercial drivers, those who hold a CDL and are working are subject to lower limits of alcohol in their bloodstream. The limit for blood alcohol concentration is set at .08 for standard drivers, but only .04 for commercial drivers. A driver who is convicted of a drunk driving offense can lose their CDL and have difficulty finding employment in the trucking industry in the future.

Lawsuits against commercial drivers

When an accident happens and injuries occur, the victims have the option of making sure their costs are paid through a civil lawsuit against the truck driver and their employer. This is done through a negligence lawsuit, and the victim can ask for several types of damages. In most cases, medical and healthcare costs, additional treatment during recovery, and non-economic damages for pain and suffering can all be a part of the victim’s compensation. Those amounts tend to be much larger if the person was seriously hurt during the collision.

Accident attorneys in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a law firm that works with accident victims in the area of Erwinville. Local clients can schedule a meeting to get more specific advice about lawsuits to pay for their injuries. 

USAttorneys.com is a site that helps people who are looking for lawyers in their city. Those who need assistance with their search for an attorney can call 800-672-3103

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