Many states have legalized marijuana for recreational use and now New York might be considering allowing it to be consumed legally as well. According to WGRZ On Your Side, many political voices such as Joel Giambra and Cynthia Nixon are for having marijuana legalized and even Andrew Cuomo, who was once opposed to the idea, now has his administration studying it. Aside from political voices agreeing that it is time the state permits usage of marijuana for recreational purposes, a poll from Siena Research College Institute found that 52% of the individuals in NY feel pot should be legalized. And when more than half the people want it, what is the governor of the state expected to do?
The news source decided to travel to Colorado where pot is currently legalized to find out what the governor of this state had to say seeing that he once was against it. After meeting with John Hickenlooper, several things were discovered in regards to legalizing marijuana. We share with you some of these findings:

  1. It is a profitable business for the state.After five years of having marijuana legalized in Colorado, it has developed into a $1.5 billion business. Seeing that New York has a population three and half times larger than Colorado, it could potentially bring in an estimated $874 million, although the state wouldn’t receive all that seeing that there are other financial obligations that come along with the legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
  2. The legalization of pot didn’t increase the number of users. One of the biggest concerns the governor of Colorado had when the law changed was that there would be an influx of marijuana users. However, the source has pointed out that state officials said that hasn’t happened. Before marijuana was legalized in Colorado, one in four adults in the state had admitted to usually it occasionally. And after it was permitted to be used recreationally, still, only one in four claim they use it at least occasionally. So, if this is a concern for NY’s governor, perhaps this information will help him sway his decision on the matter.
  3. Law enforcement officers sometimes struggle to determine whether a person is impaired due to marijuana usage. According to the source, the AAA Foundation released a study two-years ago that found no link between THC levels and whether a driver was impaired. “Delta-9-THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that makes users feel high.” And although Colorado has set their legal limit set to five nanograms that determines a person is impaired, some officers “build a DWI case based on their observations” and having drivers submit to field sobriety tests. The trouble is, officers have also encountered drivers who have admitted to smoking but pass their roadside tests with 100% accuracy. So, how can they determine if they are impaired if they aren’t showing signs of it but have admitted to smoking? Perhaps marijuana alone hasn’t contributed to roadway accidents as much as we might think?

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In any event, the governor of NY might consider how marijuana has affected the states that have already legalized it to help determine if his state should do the same. Until then, drivers and others who are said to be under the influence of marijuana could still be charged with DUI.
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