Tesla has been making various promises to consumers stating that they are providing drivers with a vehicle that is going to improve transportation safety, provide a safer vehicle that operates better than a human can, and lower the financial cost of transportation. Tesla, along with many other companies, are working to create innovative ways to help reduce the number of accidents that are occurring on our roadways yet we are learning that there may still be some kinks that need to be worked out. Accident attorneys in Arizona have become aware that insurance claims may soon be involving these vehicles as some accidents have already occurred with them, however, the push for them continues to grow.

A Tesla Vehicle Operating on Autopilot Hits a Phoenix Police Officer
On March 21st, a Tesla Model X was exiting off of the Black Canyon Freeway with a Phoenix officer in front. As both the officer and the Tesla driver made their way off the highway, the officer stopped, however, the Tesla began moving forward on its own which prompted the police officer to get off the bike and move away. The vehicle was reportedly only moving about 3 mph and no injuries were sustained. And because the collision was so minor, Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Alan Pfohl stated that “It was pretty much a tap,” and that “under other circumstances, it wouldn’t have been deemed as an accident.”
But would that statement still have been made had it been a pedestrian who was in front of the moving Tesla?
Aside from that concern, Tesla continues to make upgrades and adjustments to its models to ensure it is safe and durable for a driver to take out on the roadway. However, even though the vehicle is now able to operate in autopilot mode, drivers are expected to operate it in a certain manor. According to the Tesla website:

  • “Tesla’s autopilot mode is not intended to be full automated driving and the driver is required to engage.”
  • Drivers are expected to be in command of their vehicles after exiting highways.

What are some of the specs on the new and improved Tesla models?

  • All models being produced will have the necessary hardware for full-self-driving capability at a safety level that is greater than that of a human driver.
  • The models will have eight cameras surrounding the vehicle that provides a 360-degree visibility around the car at up to 250 meters of range.
  • There are twelve ultrasonic sensors that complement this vision. This will allow the vehicle to detect hard and soft objects at almost twice the distance of the system the cars had installed previously.

While many can agree, including accident lawyers in Arizona, that there are many new and exciting things being developed and implemented to help make our roads less hazardous and dangerous, people are still skeptical about whether or not self-driving vehicles are the choice for them.
Not sure how you feel about the Tesla and it’s autopilot feature? Check out some video footage of some individuals who are putting the vehicle to the test. You may be surprised to see how well the automobile preformed on an Arizona roadway.

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