Is there a difference between nursing home abuse and neglect in Iowa?

Iowa City, IA – Nursing homes are places that are supposed to be meant for people of advanced age to receive special care. While this is generally true, nursing homes have been known to have serious problems with things like patients being injured, neglected, or even facing intentional physical abuse. In any situation involving abuse or neglect, it is possible for the victim to file a lawsuit for compensation and make the facility pay for their losses. 

Abuse versus neglect

The term abuse tends to be used in a more general sense in situations where a patient in a nursing home has been harmed due to some kind of improper care. This includes things like intentional mistreatment and physical abuse at the hands of a nursing home worker, as well as things like theft and financial crimes against an elderly person who may have cognitive issues. Neglect usually refers to a patient that has not been receiving the proper care that is required based on their condition. The issue of neglect becomes very serious in situations where the person is in danger of a serious or fatal illness due to their health problems. 

Both abuse and neglect do not have to be intentional. A nursing home is held to a certain standard of care, and if they violate this standard of care they can be found to be negligent. Negligence lawsuits can be filed for various kinds of injury or accident cases, and nursing home problems are no exception. 

What are common examples of nursing home abuse and neglect?

One problem that happens in nursing homes is when they are not cleaned and sanitized properly. This can result in diseases spreading, infections, or even physical injuries if walkways are not cleared and maintained. 

Allowing a person with mobility issues to fall is another common accident in nursing homes that can have severe results. Those who are elderly or frail are at high risk for broken bones and fractures. 

Social isolation can also have serious psychological consequences. It is possible that a person in a nursing home can have little or no social interaction for days at a time. This can cause the person to become depressed and start to neglect their own health as well. A common sign that a person is socially isolated is when they seem withdrawn or unconcerned with their hygiene or appearance. 

Iowa nursing home neglect lawyers

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that works on various types of injury cases throughout the state of Iowa. Their lawyers can help those who want help bringing civil cases against nursing homes for neglect and abuse. 

Firm contact info:

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices

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