Is there a statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit for breach of contract in Florida?

The statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit for breach of contract in Florida is currently set at five years.1However, there are certain factors that could extend or reduce the statute of limitations, all of which an Orlando, FL business law attorney can explain. If a business owner in the Orlando area is looking to sue another party for a breach of contract, they can contact Legal Counsel P.A. for legal assistance.


Examples of a Breach of Contract


Many business owners look to other companies for products, marketing, advertising, services, etc. Generally, when a business owner hires another company or person to perform a task or to deliver an asset, they each sign a contract to ensure both parties fulfill their obligations to one another. These contracts usually outline what each party’s responsibilities are and what could happen if they fail to follow through.

Some examples of a breach of contract include:


  1. A business owner hires a company to host an event and the company fails to deliver on time or fails to comply with the terms outlined in the contract.
  2. A company outsources the manufacturing of their products to another company that provides them with items that do not meet the standards that were expressed in the contract.
  3. A business owner learns that the company they hired to market and advertise for them was failing to perform the duties they agreed upon when they signed the contract.


Suing for a Breach of Contract


Because the State of Florida imposes a five-year or shorter statute of limitations for filing a breach of contract lawsuit, it is a good idea for a business owner to connect with a lawyer as soon as possible. Although the time lime might seem long, it isn’t recommended to wait to get a lawsuit filed as evidence could disappear.

In addition to considering the statute of limitations, business owners also need to be aware that they will be expected to prove the following:

  • A valid contract existed. The court will need to consider whether the contract that was signed is valid. Because contracts are expected to conform to certain laws and guidelines, there is a risk that they won’t be upheld in court when they weren’t drafted by an experienced Orlando, FL business law attorney.
  • The party being sued breached the contract.
  • The business owner suffered in some way as a result of the breach.


While it might seem like a difficult process for a business owner to have to go through, they can rest assured that an Orlando, FL business law lawyer will handle most of the work for them should they decide to hire one.


Connect with a Business Law Attorney in Orlando Now


If a business owner has questions regarding a breach of contract or needs help filing a lawsuit against another party, they can contact Legal Counsel P.A. for help. The attorneys at Legal Counsel P.A. have a great deal of experience with handling business-related matters and would be happy to address a business owner’s questions or concerns.


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