Spouses who face the prospect of an ending marriage often enter a state of denial. Although the issues with their marriages might be extremely clear, they may cling to some form of hope that everything will go back to normal. Often, these individuals simply don’t want to face the unknown after having spent so many years in a familiar relationship. But is there any way for these individuals to actually stop a divorce from happening?


If you are faced with the prospect of divorce, the first thing you should do is get in touch with a qualified, experienced family law attorney in Mississippi. These legal professionals can provide you with sound advice, guiding you forward towards a positive legal outcome. With their help, you can explore all of your legal options during an initial consultation. 


You Have No Choice in the Matter


The truth is, you have no choice in the matter. If your spouse wants a divorce, they’re going to get one. There is nothing you can do to fight this in court, as every individual in Mississippi has the right to divorce someone they no longer want to be with. In fact, you may face serious legal consequences if you attempt to interfere with the divorce process in any way. Your attorney can tell you more about this, but trying to stall or delay a divorce can encourage a judge to find you in contempt of court. This can lead to criminal charges if you’re not careful, and you may also be ordered to pay your spouse’s legal fees. With all that said, some spouses do manage to draw out the divorce for months or even years. This is mostly the case when divorces go to trial, where things like appeals and motions for denial can lead to significant delays. 


It’s Never Too Late to Get Back Together


If you want to try and save your marriage, you have 60 days to do your best. This is because in order for a divorce to move forward, spouses must wait 60 days after initially filing the divorce papers. Althogh this waiting period serves many purposes, one of its key roles is to give spouses the chance to reconcile. Many spouses have ultimately decided to remain married before this 60-day period is up, and this system disencourages hasty, “spur of the moment” divorces. 


Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today


If you’ve been searching the Mississippi area for a qualified, experienced family law attorney, look no further than Ballard Law, PLLC. Over the years, we have helped numerous spouses achieve positive legal outcomes. Although you might not have any choice in the matter when your spouse serves you with divorce papers, there are certain things you can do to make this process easier. And of course, it’s never too late to get back together. Book your consultation today, and we can go over all of your legal options together. 


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