Is vertigo a common symptom after a car accident in Florida?

Largo, FL— Vertigo is a symptom of other conditions that can cause you to feel a sense of dizziness or as though the “environment around you is spinning,” according to the Cleveland Clinic. It can also lead to you experiencing issues with balance.

Vertigo is one of many symptoms you might suffer following a car accident as it can be caused by one of two things:

  • An issue with your inner ear.
  • An issue with the brain.


If you suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident, there is a chance you may experience vertigo among other symptoms. Traumatic brain injuries or TBIs are common injuries sustained in motor vehicle wrecks. These types of injuries are caused “by a blow or jolt to the head,” according to the Mayo Clinic.


There are two types of vertigo: peripheral and central


Vertigo can be classified as either peripheral vertigo or central vertigo. If you develop an issue with your inner ear, then you might suffer from peripheral vertigo. If you sustained a brain injury and develop vertigo, this would be classified as central vertigo.

While many describe vertigo as a feeling of dizziness, the Cleveland Clinic points out that the two symptoms differ. Dizziness is “an overall feeling of being unbalanced,” while vertigo is when you experience “a sensation that you’re moving or that your surroundings are spinning.”

Although vertigo is reportedly more common among individuals over the age of 65, anyone can suffer from a vertigo attack.


What if I suffered vertigo as a result of a car accident in Largo, FL?


If you were diagnosed with vertigo and require medical attention to treat your symptoms, your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance should cover up to $10,0000 in medical expenses and lost wages given you seek medical help within 14 days of your accident. Because Florida is a no-fault state, you’ll need to go through your auto insurer first if you’re looking to get your medical expenses covered.

In the event your injuries are severe or you’re looking to recover compensation for property damage, you may then have a valid claim against another party if they were responsible for causing the accident.

If you have questions regarding the value of your auto accident claim or whether you should accept a settlement offered by the insurer, the Largo, FL accident attorneys at Trevena | James, Attorneys At Law can assist. Insurance companies will often try to undervalue your claim, leaving you walking away with far less than what your damages entitle you to.


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