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It is easy to start a new Florida business in Orlando

Florida – July 26, 2022

Potential business owners should decide what type of corporate entity they would like to utilize based on the best tax structure for the development and design of their business mission. An experienced business law attorney can assist individuals with corporate start up documents and filing requirements in the State of Florida.

Potential business owners must decide:

  1. The type of operation they will setup, if clients will be local or eCommerce will account for business revenue, a business lawyer can highlight the requirements of each type,
  2. Secure a location which may require a rental or purchase contract that a business lawyer will review,
  3. Industry-focused required business licensure for county and state fees must be applied for and paid. Apply with Florida’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation.
  4. A business lawyer will research and explain state and federal regulations as they impact each part of the new business owner’s business plan.
    • Costs of start-up and yielding a profit,
    • Marketing campaign to potential customers,
    • Competitor analysis for geographic zone,
    • Suppliers of products,
    • Hiring business lawyers, accountants, and marketing personnel,
    • Capital investment campaign,
    • Contract products manufacturers.
  5. Assist with corporate structure that may include limited liability corporations, S corporations, business partnerships and sole proprietorships, to name a few. Each type has specific liabilities and benefits.

Value of an Orlando business lawyer.

Hire a business lawyer for an Orlando-based entity so they can prepare and review Florida licensure documents, review contracts with vendors, property owners, and other entities that engage in business activities, and prepare related employment contracts and non-compete and disclosure agreements for staffing the business.  Legal counsel can also play a part in developing compliance and risk management protocols encompassing state and federal guidelines.

Future growth of business.

As a business leaves the infancy stage and become viable moving into the established phase, it may need specialized documents to gain market share and spread its geographic impact.  A business lawyer can help with:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions. Business growth and downsizing involve the purchase of a competitor, or a sale to a competitor and contracts and intentions can be delicate without the assistance of an objective knowledgeable voice of a business attorney.
  • Real estate and property disputes. If a business owns, or leases its property, it may need the assistance of business lawyers to negotiate sales, new leases and complex real estate and tenant laws.
  • Business valuations. When a business owner decides to sell, they must figure out worth and the current market price based on annual revenue, earnings, and physical assets, including real estate and equipment minus any debt.  If intellectual property is connected to the business, such as patents or other partnerships, that value must be figured in as well.  A business attorney can be quite helpful.

Hire a business law attorney.

Business owners should seek assistance from Orlando legal counsel when starting up a new business in Florida.    Attorneys at Legal Counsel, P.A. can assist with the preparation of corporate documents, leases, sales documents, and contracts for businesses between vendors, clients, other business entities, and employees.

Legal Counsel, P.A.

189 S. Orange Ave., Ste. 1800
Orlando, Florida  32801

Phone: 407-982-4321


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