A charge for driving under the influence (DUI) is the last thing anyone would want on their record, especially those who need to keep their slate clean for work and educational purposes. Anyone who gets caught for a DUI will have the charge remain on their driving record for five years, and where most drivers are concerned, that is five years too many. During this time period, if a person is charged for any other DUI crimes, they will face an increase in their penalty. The misdemeanor charge will remain on ones record or rap sheet permanently, so it is integral that individuals avoid getting into this situation at all costs.

Individuals with a DUI on their record will also have to carry out community service hours to make up for the harm that they caused and to ensure they have learnt their lesson. The sad truth is that such a charge can actually have a negative effect on one’s employment and this is especially the case if driving is a major part of one’s work activities. Not only that, but individuals will also have to deal with high-risk insurance for the next three years at least. Some drivers may think the solution out of this is to drop their insurance, but if this is done then their license will be suspended. Anyone who tries to operate their vehicle with a suspended license will be fined $500 and will face jail time from anywhere to ten days to six months.

Having a DUI on one’s record not only makes it difficult for a person to drive and creates problems at work, but it may also further complicate matters with rental car companies and even one’s credit report may be affected for the worst.

What is a DUI Trial Plea in Jackson, MS?

There are several different pleas that a person can make in a DUI case. The first one is made at the first court appearance when the court asks a person how they plead for their case. Anyone who pleads guilty will move on with their penalties, and those that plead not guilty will be assigned a trial date. Whether a person chose to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest, the judge still has to come forward with a final decision.

Finding oneself in such a situation can be very nerve-wracking, and anyone who wants help with their DUI case should reach out to an attorney near me. A lawyer can help them navigate through the legalities, so they walk away with the set of options that were best for them for their particular case.

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