There are various injuries a person can sustain after getting into a serious accident involving a vehicle as large as a truck. Amongst the most common injuries include back and neck injuries and burns. When the accident is very severe, individuals in the passenger vehicle often suffer permanent disabilities such as the loss of a limb, permanent disfigurement, permanent brain damage, or permanent loss of the functionality of an organ.

If a person suffers any form of permanent disability, the amount they get compensated for depends on many legal details and is different from case to case. Calling a truck accident attorney in Jackson, Mississippi, is a good way to get an estimate of how much a person is entitled to and also a good way to file all the legal paperwork properly to make sure the settlement is granted as soon as possible.

When the matter of a permanent disability is presented before a court, a complicated method of calculation is used to determine the exact amount a person should get, and this method is very case-specific. For instance, if a person was studying, or if they were in an apprenticeship when they lost the use of a limb essential to perform their chosen career path, the court will consider their earning potential had they completed their studies and training. This rule applies to individuals who are 21 years of age or older.

How do I make sure I get compensated fairly and that I am not taken advantage of after suffering a permanent disability through a truck accident?


As unfortunate as it is, it is relatively common for individuals to be taken advantage of by the trucking company or the insurance company who is responsible to pay them for their losses. When a person suffers something as serious as a permanent disability after the collision they need to make sure they do everything in their power to fight for the financial compensation they deserve to help them get through this difficult time and help them plan out their future as well.

The best way to do this is to take the support and assistance of a trained truck accident lawyer who already has experience dealing with serious truck accident cases in Jackson Mississippi. When the trucking company and insurer know a person has a lawyer on their side they are more likely to respond sooner and give a fairer offer of settlement because they know the victim is well aware and educated on their legal rights regarding their unprecedented calamity.

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