Jackson, Mississippi, Why do car accident lawyers drop cases?

One of the first things car accident victims are encouraged to do after engaging in a wreck in Jackson, MS is contact a lawyer, and for good reason. Car accident attorneys help victims understand their legal rights and assist them with recovering any compensation they might be entitled to collect for their injuries and losses. Unfortunately, there are times when an attorney might take on a case only to drop it later on.

But, why would an accident lawyer decide to drop a case?

There are actually a number of reasons why an attorney who has been hired to represent an accident victim might decide to drop a case. Some of these reasons are highlighted down below:


  1. The car accident lawyer that was hired was not qualified to manage the case. Although an attorney might claim he/she is qualified to handle a case, it is important for a victim to hire a lawyer who is skilled in the particular area of law they need help in. For instance, if an individual suffered injuries as a result of a medical mistake, they would need to hire a medical malpractice lawyer. If a driver was hit by a semi-truck, he/she should retain a truck accident attorney. The same applies to car accident cases.


  1. The victim provided false information to the attorney. It is extremely important for an accident victim to disclose all the facts surrounding the incident so his/her attorney can build a solid case. If a victim leaves out information or lies to the attorney about a detail that could potentially change the entire outcome of the case, the lawyer may choose to drop it.


  1. The attorney-client relationship was suffering. If the attorney wasn’t handling certain tasks associated with the case or the client failed to keep open lines of communication with the lawyer, this can hurt the case. Rather than go through with it and risk obtaining an unfavorable outcome, the attorney may decide to drop the case.


A car accident lawyer may also choose to turn away case if the victim waited too long to take legal action which resulted in the statute of limitations expiring.  


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If a car accident recently had their case dropped by their lawyer or they decided to end the attorney-client relationship, Ballard Law, PLLC may be able to help. Jackson, MS car accident lawyer William E. Ballard understands how important it is for an accident victim to retain a qualified and dedicated lawyer and is available to assess a case to determine if his legal expertise is needed. Ballard Law, PLLC can be reached at 769-572-5111 to schedule an initial consultation.



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