A personal injury that a person faces becomes catastrophic when it prevents them from resuming their previous cognitive abilities and when it limits a person’s mobility as well. Many individuals suffer severe personal injuries in catastrophic accidents, and it is only right that the individual who caused them the harm is held liable for their actions.

Anyone who gets into a collision will need to make sure they take the necessary steps to file a legal claim so they can get reimbursed. Once they have the money, they can pay for the medical treatments they received and other expenses they incurred at the hands of another. The victim of an accident deserves to be compensated for the harm they suffered because their injuries can likely ruin their life and the life of their close loved ones as well. Catastrophic injuries often result in job loss, mental decline, and the inability for a person to maintain the same optimism and happiness towards life.

Personal injuries often include:

Spinal cord injuries

  • Loss of limb
  • Brain damage
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Loss of fine-motor control
  • Severe burn injuries

Jackson, MS, Damages to claim in a personal injury case

The types of damages a person may be entitled to after facing serious injuries vary from case to case. Based on a person’s role in their family, the severity of the injury, and how much the other person was at fault, they can demand specific damages to help them get through this stormy period of their life.

Damages include both economic and non-economic damages and may also include punitive damages if the case was a very extreme and serious one. A person should always get the help of a lawyer after they face injuries because they can offer professional legal advice and guide a person through the claim procedure, so they get the maximum amount of settlement possible based on the details of their specific case.

Without a lawyer, a person will be left to deal with recovering from their injury on their own, while also trying to navigate through the complex legalities of filing a claim. This is often too much of a burden for anyone and it is in everyone’s best interest to invest the extra time into selecting a personal injury lawyer who is best for them and who will work in their best interest throughout the process.

Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Malouf and Malouf to get help with filing a personal injury claim so a person can get the compensation they deserve.

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