On April 23, 2010, John Trevena’s client was arrested for an incident of road rage that left many people severely injured. She was convicted in a trial that did not have a jury and was sentenced with 33 years in prison on account of 14 felony charges given by Senior Judge Edward Hedstrom.

Attorney Trevena represented her and was able to win an appeal in which he stated that she deserves another trial with a jury because she was unable to make an informed decision the first time and that is why she opted for a nonjury trial, to begin with. She had given up her jury trial because she was uninformed of its benefits and since the lack of knowledge was not her fault, she deserved another chance.

In this case, attorney Trevena showed that no matter how serious the conviction is, there is a chance for getting another trial when the correct defenses are played and when the correct legal references are used to back up the claims being made.

The importance of Hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney in Largo, Florida

Being faced with criminal charges can be devastating and making sure that a person has the right lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of their case. The best way to ascertain that a person has the highest chances of success with the court is to connect with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

A criminal defense attorney at Trevena Pontrello and Associates can help a person build the right defense to prove they were not guilty of the crime or to prove they deserve easier sentencing. Even with the right defenses in place, a person needs to provide the evidence to back up their claims and this evidence must be legally acceptable.

If a person tries to defend themselves in court, the chances of them succeeding are not very high as most people are not aware of the detailed laws and regulations that govern court proceedings and that govern the decision-making process of their particular case. An attorney who has studied the law in detail and who has experience dealing with similar cases can make a person’s life so much easier by guiding them onto the correct route to freedom from the very beginning.

Anyone convicted of a crime or in the process of being arrested should reach out to a criminal defense lawyer at Trevena Pontrello and Associates to get the legal help they need to turn their situation around for the better.

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