Johnny Depp is attempting to be heard at trial in contrast to believing Heard’s accusations. 

Virginia – April 19, 2022

Actor Johnny Depp took the stand in a Fairfax, Virginia court on Tuesday in his defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard. In his roughly three-hour testimony, which will continue Wednesday, the Oscar-nominated star spoke in detail about Heard’s allegations of domestic abuse, his history with substance abuse and their relationship. “My goal is the truth,” Depp said early in his remarks.

Damaged reputation.

Depp, known for his work in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, is suing Heard for $50 million in a Fairfax County, Virginia court over a 2018 Washington Post op-ed in which she wrote about her experience with domestic abuse. Heard had been unsuccessful in her attempts to get the suit dismissed. She filed a $100 million defamation countersuit against Depp in 2020, which is ongoing.

Financial loss.

Because this is a high-profile case and Johnny Depp had much to lose by these accusations staining his personal and professional reputation, it is being played out in the public’s eye.  Depp claims Heard’s op-ed led to financial losses for him, including being dropped from future “Pirates of the Caribbean” films after he led the franchise for 15 years. “One day you’re Cinderella so to speak and then in zero point six seconds you’re Quasimodo,” Depp said of how his career turned after he was accused of abuse. “I didn’t deserve that and nor did my children, nor did the people who had believed in me all these years.”

Defamation lawsuit.

A defamation lawsuit is usually brought about when one person or entity damages another person or entity’s reputation.  They can do this by spoken defamation, which is considered slander, or by libel through defamation in printed materials or other fixed formats.  If a statement is true, it cannot constitute slander or libel even if it is damaging to the party initiating the defamation lawsuit.  Most causes of action for defamation are settled out of court, and when they proceed to judgment may result in an injunction or monetary damages. Multiple factors govern whether a defamation lawsuit will succeed at trial, but some generally accepted standards have evolved through rulings over the years.  A lawyer must prove that the statement made was false, provide evidence of that fact, reveal that it as published and provide witnesses, or photographic proof of such negative published statements and reveal damage to the affected party.

Individuals who have had their personal existence or livelihood negatively impacted by defamation may wonder “Where can I find an attorney near me?” when they believe their rights have been violated and they need guidance from experienced lawyers.


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