Philando Castile and Justine Damond, the names of just two individuals who were fatally shot by police officers in Minneapolis. The death of these two along with the estimated 500 others across the U.S. have increased the level of distrust many are feeling toward law enforcement officers and many residents have already stated that they would be “reluctant to call the police for help.”
People are fearing for their lives when they come into contact with officers as opposed to looking to them for help and protection. But isn’t that what law enforcement agencies are designed for? To protect and serve? People are being pulled over for routine traffic stops and feel obligated to have their cell phone handy, ready to record any mistreatment that might be forced upon them as this has become a popular method to capture police brutality.
But as the fatal police shooting cases continue to increase, many viewed as wrongful death accounts, people are continuously questioning the true motif behind why officers continue to implement deadly force when they come into contact with unarmed and possibly even harmless individuals. Are these officers truly in fear for their lives or are they abusing the right to carry a gun and fire it?

Another Fatal Police Shooting Occurs in Minneapolis

Like many of the fatal police shootings that have occurred, this recent incident involving Justine Damond has Americans as well as citizens in her home country of Australia baffled, confused, and disappointed.
Damond had called police because of a noise in her alley. She was killed moments later after officers arrived.
Damond, who had moved from Australia, was living in Minneapolis as she was set to marry her fiancé next month. She was a yoga and meditation teacher and has been described by friends as “sweet, passionate, and kind” which is why everyone is quite disturbed by the recent news of her death.
According to and The Washington Post, Damond had called police on July 16th when she heard a sound in her alley. She lived in a low-crime rate neighborhood and apparently when police arrived, she came out in her pajamas to speak with officers. She approached the driver’s side and was speaking with the driver but was then shot by the officer in the passenger seat through the driver’s door. The officers did not have their body cameras turned on which became a department policy after the death of Castile. Their dash camera failed to capture the incident as well.
If your loved one is the victim of a wrongful death, it is advisable to hire a local Minneapolis wrongful death attorney to represent your case.
While there is little detail being provided regarding the incident, it is expected that legal action is going to be taken. While the family of Damond will likely hire a wrongful death lawyer for this unfortunate loss, others are encouraged to come forward if they have lost a loved one to police brutality.
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