Victims of truck accidents may feel like they should call their insurer right after a collision to ascertain they get their settlement to cover their damages as soon as possible. This is understandable, as the damages after such a serious accident are often very expensive and intimidating and can cause a person to act in haste. However, if a person wants to make sure they get an appropriate amount of settlement they should consider working with a legal professional.

The reason why contacting an insurer without a lawyer is not a good idea is because insurance companies often do take advantage of the lack of knowledge that most people have regarding truck accident laws and regulations in Kansas, and they give a much lower offer than what a person is entitled to receive. Since most people are unaware that they are entitled to more, they accept the offer even if it is not enough to cover their damages.

A trained truck accident attorney who has experience regarding truck accidents can analyze the actions of the driver and trucking company based on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. These regulations are very detailed and if a trucker is guilty of violating any of them, they can face serious legal consequences and they can be compelled to pay the victims of the accident more for their losses.

An attorney can help prove the truck accident driver was at fault by examining:

  • Driver log rules
  • Safety inspection rules
  • Driver qualification
  • Driver alcohol and drug testing records
  • Work hour limits of the driver

Apart from examining these different rules, an attorney can also get a person instant access to vital information such as the name and contact of the truckers insurance carrier, the amount of liability insurance they have, other accidents that occurred through that specific trucking company, and other safety violations the driver or company may have on their records. The more evidence found against the unsafe practices of both the driver and the company, the more chances a person has of getting compensated properly.

How long will it take for me to get my settlement?

Every case is different, but one thing is for certain, the sooner a person applies for a claim, the sooner they will get their settlement, As long as a person carries out all the steps, collects all the evidence, and files their claim on time, they can get their final amount in a fair amount of time. Having an attorney on board can help speed up the process as they will get all the paperwork and legalities submitted right the first time.

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