Even big stars like Kanye West aren’t treated fairly by their insurance companies, although West more than likely has hired a California insurance claims attorney who more than likely will fight until an outcome is awarded in West’s favor.
Kanye West is seeking $10 million in a lawsuit filed for an unpaid insurance claim. Because of an illness he developed, he was forced to cancel the remainder of his Saint Pablo Tour.
Rapper Kanye West is always doing something to remain in the spotlight. From dissing Taylor Swift at the MTV Awards back in 2009 to marrying TV reality star Kim Kardashian, it wouldn’t surprise many to hear that he is being sued for his outlandish and inappropriate behavior. However, word on the street is, Kanye West’s touring company, Very Good Touring Inc., is actually filing suit against the insurer of his Saint Pablo Tour, Lloyd’s of London. While the suit was filed back in November, Lloyd’s has failed to fulfill the loss claim according to Rolling Stones.

Does West Have a Legitimate Reason to File a Lawsuit?

Celebrities like Kanye West have to protect themselves and their financial stability which is why they purchase insurance when things arise that cause them to remain out of work. Things happen in life that force us to take a step back from our obligations and take a moment for ourselves. West did just this when he had to postpone his gig at the Forum in Inglewood on the evening the show was set to take place as well as cancel the rest of the dates scheduled on the tour [Source: Los Angeles Times].
Shortly after the cancellations, West checked himself into a psychiatric center at UCLA. He apparently suffered from a psychological breakdown and has the evidence to prove it. Not only did West remain in the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital Center for eight days, but he continues to see the treating physician regularly. That doctor has also confirmed that “West “suffered” a debilitating medical condition, requiring that Kanye not continue with the tour.”
While you might think that it would make sense for West to not receive a check seeing he didn’t perform, a celebrity’s world works much differently than the average person. While we receive workers’ compensation coverage for a work-related injury or illness, West and other celebrities need some form of protection that can compensate them when they can’t work. In this case, West was diagnosed with an illness that prevented him from working. This means he had a legitimate reason to cancel his tours and that in return would permit him to file a claim where he would be compensated for his time out of work.

Why Hasn’t Lloyd’s Paid Kanye West’s Insurance Claim?

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Although Lloyd’s claimed they paid out over $18.5 billion in claims, they seem to be stalling on West’s payout and possibly even trying to deny it. The company “has suggested it “may deny coverage of the claim on the unsupportable contention that use of marijuana by Kanye caused the condition.” However, there is scientific proof that indicates marijuana helps treat anxiety and depression which can trigger a mental breakdown, not contribute to it. If this was the case, Lloyd’s might need to come a little stronger with their allegations. But for now, it would appear they are simply trying to buy time and delay in giving West the insurance payout he is rightfully due. And because Kanye West is the man he is today and took the initiative to hire an insurance claim denial attorney, he likely to win his case.

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