Kelly Skidmore Hides Behind Surrogates While Her Campaign Slings Mud

Michael Weinstein and Kelly Skidmore are among the top two candidates running for a seat in Florida House District 81, and as voting day quickly approaches, the campaigning seems to be getting more intense. While Mr. Weinstein has used his media time to promote the many changes he pledges to bring about in District 81, Kelly Skidmore’s campaign surrogates use their media time to discount the very things that make Mr. Weinstein the most suitable candidate to vote for to represent District 81.

Anne Gannon, who is the Tax Collector of Palm Beach County and a former member of the Florida House, is one supporter or surrogate of Kelly Skidmore who has reached far to put down the commendable qualities Mr. Weinstein brings to the table that could help his fellow community members. As you may already know, Michael Weinstein is the only candidate who actually resides in District 81. While Gannon has made claims that Mr. Weinstein “bases the very foundation of why he is qualified on coming from a family of career politicians,” it is the knowledge and experiences Mr. Weinstein has gained from the Democratic leaders in his family that makes him the most qualified to serve the public and stand up for what he and his community believe in.


Gannon claims “Weinstein holds a double standard when it comes to female candidates.”


Mr. Weinstein was brought up by political leaders who weren’t afraid to stand up for the greater good. Michael Weinstein’s mother served as the CEO of Family Central, which is a not-for-profit full-service family support agency. She now serves on the Board of Directors for Kids in Distress and is the President of Kol Tikvah Synagogue. As a husband, father to a nine-year-old daughter, and son to a strong and devoted mother, Mr. Weinstein is a proven fighter who is looking to get things done that will better both the men and women in Florida and District 81.


Skidmore Claims Mr. Weinstein’s Career Makes Him a “Poor Candidate for Women”


In addition to the claims Skidmore’s surrogates are making, Skidmore herself has said that Mr. Weinstein would be a “poor candidate for women because he has defended men accused of domestic violence.” Michael Weinstein currently provides legal services as a criminal defense lawyer in South Florida, however, he “represents victims of domestic violence in restraining order cases” [Source: The Palm Beach Post].


Michael Weinstein not only intends on spending his time if elected on resolving issues surrounding education, transportation, and the environment, but he also wants to focus on police reform as well as address the broken unemployment system. If you live in District 81 and want to endorse or support Michael Weinstein, you can do so now by clicking here. Remember, election day is August 18th so be sure you know where the nearest Precinct is so you can cast your vote.

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