Kentucky State Police Urge Drivers to be Cautious as Students Will Soon be Heading Back to School

It’s almost time for students in Kentucky to head back to school and you know what that means? School buses will be back in operation and sharing the roadway with you once again. While you may not think sharing the road with school buses is a big deal, the fact is, these buses are transporting precious cargo and we must drive as though we want that precious cargo to arrive at its destination in one piece.
Now, we all know that back to school time can be stressful for everyone as there is much more traffic on the roadways. However, don’t let that frustration distract you from driving safely and cautiously, especially when you approach a school zone or school bus. Now, some things the Kentucky State Police want to remind you of as approach the day when students are headed back to school include:

  • Under Kentucky law KRS 189.370, when the operator of a vehicle approaches a school or church bus that is used “in the transportation of children is stopped upon a highway for the purpose of receiving or discharging passengers, with the stop arm and signal lights activated,” they must stop and shall not pass until the “bus has completed receiving or discharging passengers and has been put in motion.”
Never pass a stopped school bus that has its lights on and its stop sign extenders out.
  • Because it is against the law to pass a stopped bus with its lights on and its stop sign arms extended out, those who violate the law are subject to being charged with a class B misdemeanor for their first offense and a class A misdemeanor for their second offense. As a result of these charges, you receive a citation or even be arrested.


  • Be aware of the school zones in your area. When you approach a school zone, drive carefully and adjust your speed in these areas.

[Source: The Ohio County Monitor].
While drivers contribute to making the start of the school year a safe one, so do parents. With that said, the Kentucky State Police also have some tips for parents to share with their children who happen to travel to school by bus. Some of these safety tips include:

  1. Be sure your child has a safe place to wait for their bus. They shouldn’t be standing near traffic or close by to the street.
  2. Remind your children to steer clear of the bus until it comes to a complete stop and that the driver signals for them to enter.
  3. Children should use the handrails when entering and exiting the bus.
  4. Children should also avoid cutting in between parked buses in the school loading and unloading zones.
  5. Tell your children that they should always be aware of the traffic around them. Never cross the road unless it is safe to do so.

While school buses are known to be safe modes of transportation, sometimes, it is the drivers traveling around the bus that cause an accident. And if your child was involved in a wreck while riding a school bus in Louisville, KY or ever is, contact USAttorneys.com immediately. You will want to meet with a Louisville, KY bus accident attorney who can explain your rights and determine what type of legal action should be taken.

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