Just before he was scheduled to perform at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens in May 2019, South Florida rapper Kodak Black was arrested. Bill Kapri, which is the rapper’s legal name, was charged with lying on a background form when making a handgun purchase at a weapons store in Hialeah, reports the Miami Herald. Kapri was sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison on weapons charges and is expected to be released on August 14, 2022.

Up until recently, Kapri had been serving his sentence at a Federal Correctional Institution in Miami (FCI Miami). During the time he had spent there, Kapri alleges he has been the victim of mistreatment and abuse. Sometime around mid-December 2019, a post appeared on Kapri’s Instagram account that highlighted various instances where he claimed he was mistreated.


Some examples of the wrongful treatment Kapri has been allegedly subjected to include:


  • On October 29, 2019, Kapri alleges that he was laced with an unknown substance which gave him an “out of body experience.” The rapper claims he felt “possessed” and as if he was “dying slowly.”
  • During the time Kapri was experiencing this, he requested medical help and was denied. In his post, Kapri says he began to feel paranoid after the medical care he felt he needed was not provided.
  • Shortly after, Kapri got into an altercation with another inmate and the correctional officer who denied him medical attention pepper-sprayed him. Kapri was temporarily blinded by the pepper spray and felt several individuals punching and grabbing him.
  • Kapri believes the same correctional officer who jumped into the fight did so so that he could “inflict harm on himself and capitalize on [Kapri’s] status.” Kapri was told that the officer had been bragging that would “get a quarter million from [Kapri]. Kapri later learned that the inmate who he had gotten into an altercation with mysteriously went home the next day.
  • Kapri was brought an empty tray for breakfast and has learned that his mail is not being sent out.


Aside from the treatment Kapri alleges he has been subjected to, his family and lawyers are also dealing with issues of their own. The news source reported that Kapri’s mother had gone to see her son two days before Christmas but was accused of having contraband and denied the visit. Just recently, Kapri’s mother and his representing criminal defense attorneys planned a visit to see the rapper and low and behold, they discovered that he had mysteriously been transferred out of the FCI Miami facility and transported by bus to a facility in Kentucky.

One of Kapri’s attorneys stated that he had called the Bureau of Prisons beforehand to tell them he was coming so officers at the facility were aware of the planned visit. One attorney issued a statement saying, “Their refusal to let him see his counsel is, in and of itself, a constitutional violation.” While it is still unclear as to what led officers to transfer Kapri out of the Miami facility so abruptly, you can expect that his lawyers will be looking into the matter more to determine if a civil rights lawsuit needs to be filed.


If someone you know has informed you that they are being mistreated, beaten, or abused by correctional officers while serving time in jail, it is imperative that you contact a Miami, FL criminal defense attorney immediately. Inmates have rights and the only way for them to exercise those rights is by ensuring they are represented by a lawyer who is trustworthy and dependable.

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