FLORIDA – September 29, 2020


The KRM Legal Group members belong to the Florida Defense Lawyers Association and American Bar Association tort insurance law section. Through their experience, credentials, and commitment to a policy of aggressive and responsive claim handling, they are able to utilize cost effective defense litigation, resulting in discount settlements, claims dismissals and defense verdicts. Tort insurance law deals with a variety of first party insurance claim disputes between the policyholder and the insurance company, based on disagreements over the contractual obligations outlined in the specific language of the insurance policy, which is a contract between the parties.


Experienced insurance claim lawyers on the KRM Legal Team can be helpful with policy reviews, upon purchasing insurance coverages, as well as recouping payment of claims that should not be denied.  They can also be quite effective in communications with insurance companies who do not uphold the terms of an insurance contract between property owners and insurance carriers. Assistance of legal counsel may facilitate any corrections, or disagreements regarding covered perils in an insurance policy related to the subject property outlined in the policy.  When perils damage a property, timely processing of an insurance damage claim can reduce subsequent peril effects that may adversely affect occupants of the insured property and decrease its value.  Denials occur for reasons that may be easy to reverse with the assistance of legal counsel including:


  • Mistakes on the application,
  • Lack of coverage,
  • Claim does not cover the damages property owner is seeking,
  • Claim was not filed correctly,
  • There were policy modifications after the claim was filed,
  • Property owner misrepresented true damages.


Insurance companies will usually compensate homeowners in accordance with the insurance policy language, so it behooves property owners to gain an understanding of all outlined coverages  relevant to damage replacement and exclusions in their policy.  KRM Legal Group offers valuable guidance through policy review and client discussions.  When individual’s claims are denied due to dishonest dealings as a matter of company policy, policyholders should secure legal counsel to assist in the settlement of the matter.  Denial of legitimate claims on a paid-up policy could be an incident of consumer fraud, which is actionable in court. Contact experienced Florida insurance attorneys at the KRM Legal Group for assistance with problematic insurance claims in Jacksonville Florida.

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