After Lafayette police analyzed more than 13,000 auto accidents over the last 18 months, they were able to conclude that “nearly half of the crashes are caused by distracted drivers” [Source: Daily Advertiser]. In fact, the Daily Advisor pointed out that distracted drivers caused 42.61% of the wrecks in the city. Because of these shocking statistics, Louisiana drivers find themselves paying much more for auto insurance.
The news outlet highlighted that “Auto insurance in Louisiana is $603 higher than the national average.” Insurance companies often charge drivers higher premium rates when they know they are going to be operating their vehicles in an area where an accident is likely to occur. And if certain drivers in Lafayette continue to display the distracted behavior they have been, not only are they going to be forced to pay higher amounts for their insurance coverage, but they are also going to continue contributing to the number of accidents that are occurring.
The reality is, distracted driving accounts for thousands of deaths and injuries each year. In 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 3,450 people were killed in distracted driving accidents while 391,000 sustained injuries by these types of drivers in 2015. While many are under the impression that glancing at their phone or scanning the radio isn’t enough to cause an accident, the fact is, that is exactly what leads to auto collisions. All it takes is one or two seconds for your eyes to come off the roadway for you to veer into another motorist’s lane or drive off the side of the road, unable to correct your mistake.
Aside from identifying one of the main factors that cause many of the auto accidents that occur within the city, Lafayette Police also pointed out that “one of the most dangerous roads is Ambassador Caffery Parkway between Guilbeau Road and Kaliste Saloom Road.” One of the reasons why this area is more prone to having accidents occur is because the area is appealing to residents as it offers a lot in terms of shopping which results in it becoming rather congested.

What are the five most dangerous intersections in Lafayette?

Aside from the one roadway police highlighted as being one of the most dangerous, the Daily Advertiser also went on to list the five intersections in the city that are known to be some of the most hazardous. These include:
These five intersections are among some of the most dangerous in the city so be cautious as you drive through them.

  1. 2400 West Congress Street, between Rouse’s and Popeye’s
  2. Ambassador Caffery Parkway at Robley Drive
  3. Ambassador Caffery Parkway at Johnston Street
  4. Ambassador Caffery Parkway at Governor Miro Drive

Now that you have been made aware of what is causing many of the auto collisions in Lafayette and where you are likely to engage in an accident, it is important that as a driver in the city that you take all precautionary measures while operating a motor vehicle. That means refraining from engaging in any type of behavior that is considered to be distracting. As you know, driver error is one of the main reasons why so many collisions are occurring so if everyone does their part to make the roadway safer, it likely will become just that.
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