Most individuals forget that they have legal rights while they are being arrested and handled by the police. No matter how bad the situation looks for a person, they should get in touch with a criminal defense attorney as soon as they are confronted by officers. Connecting with a lawyer early on in the case will make it easy for a person to ascertain that they will not be taken advantage of by the criminal system and it also decreases their risk of saying or doing something that will make their situation even worse.

The rights a person has when they are arrested include:

  • The right to remain silent and not speak until they have consulted with an attorney
  • The right to have a lawyer representing them through their case
  • A right to a reasonable bond set. This is the case unless a person is charged with a crime that is punishable by life or they are guilty of a violation of probation
  • A person also has the right to depose the witnesses against them
  • They have the right to know and see all the evidence used against them
  • They have a right to a jury trial

The need for a criminal defense lawyer to be present so they can help a person fight for their rights cannot be emphasized enough. This is especially true if a person is unfairly or wrongly charged with a crime. Everyone has the right to defend themselves in court and to get a fair chance at explaining what really happened. However, since the legal process and rulings are so complex, if a person tries to do this on their own they will likely make mistakes and end up articulating the wrong message. The consequences of this can be dire because once a person is charged they get a criminal record and it is very difficult to have this record cleared and it can only be sealed or expunged in specific cases.

Get in touch with a criminal defense attorney in Largo, Florida

Legal representation is essential and anyone who is charged or arrested will need a lawyer to walk them through the process and explain the legalities of the case to them. An attorney will know the right defense that a person can put up based on their specific situation.

A person’s case may be tried before a judge or jury. In Florida, the jury must arrive at the decision to either acquit or convict and it is vital that a person gets this chance to be tried in front of a jury as that is their right.

Every criminal case is different based on the smallest details and anyone who wishes to stand a chance at freedom for the allegations they are facing should connect with a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Trevena Pontrello to get the help they need.

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