There are so many different classes of laws and it can be confusing to try and figure out what category one’s case falls into. There are misdemeanor crimes and felony crimes. Misdemeanor crimes entail that a person committed a smaller crime, whereas felonies entail a much more serious crime. Some examples of felonies include stealing a vehicle or possessing drugs.

If a person is charged with a felony or they are arrested on the suspicion of being involved in such activity, they should reach out to a criminal defense lawyer, so they get the necessary help to guide them through the entire process with ease. It can be very scary to have to go in front of a judge and try to defend one’s actions, and even if a person is innocent it is likely that they will get so nervous that it will be difficult for them to articulate their points clearly and in a way that complies with the law.

Unlike what most people believe, the words said in court and the way they are analyzed is quite different and everything that takes place follows a very particular legal procedure. A criminal defense lawyer can assist a person and provide them with the knowledge and support they need so they get the most out of their case. A good lawyer makes all the difference in how a person’s case turns out and they should make sure they get in touch with the most competent attorney possible if they want the best possible results.

Degrees of Felony Charges in Largo, Florida

A person may be charged with a first-degree felony, a second-degree felony, or a third-degree felony.  A third-degree felony is the lowest charge and vehicular theft may be counted in this category if there is no additional harm associated with the stealing. A second-degree felony is considered more serious and anyone who faces this charge will face a much more intense sentence. Aggravated assault and lewd behavior can fall under this category.

One of the worst charges a person can be faced with is a first-degree felony. In this situation, the crime is profoundly serious, and very severe penalties will be faced. A life felony is more severe still, and a capital felony is the most serious charge in Florida. Murder and drug trafficking can come under this category.

Unfortunately, there is no way that a person can know exactly what charges their case entails as every case is different. A criminal defense lawyer can inform a person of where they stand from a legal perspective and what they can do so they are not taken advantage of. Capital felonies are punishable by the death penalty or life imprisonment without parole. These are not light consequences and a criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Trevena Pontrello can help a person turn the situation around in their favor.

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