Las Vegas driver rear ends a van at a high rate of speed and dies shortly afterward

When an accident involves serious injuries or fatalities, it is important to get legal help to pay for the damage caused by the collision. 

The Las Vegas Metro Police responded to the scene of an accident in the southwest valley area early on a Thursday morning.

One driver dies and another is hurt at an intersection

The police responded to the area of West Russell and Fort Apache Roads. They believe the cause of the accident was a 2015 Honda Fit that was going northbound on Fort Apache at a high rate of speed. This vehicle failed to brake in time and went into the back of a 2013 Dodge Caravan at the intersection nearby. After the impact there was severe front end damage to the Honda and rear end damage to the Dodge vehicle. A Regional Transportation Authority badge was seen on the Dodge Caravan.

A 24 year old male died who was driving the Honda died at University Medical Center a short time afterward. Police believe a combination of the impact and his airbags deploying may have been contributing factors in his death. The 39 year old woman driving the Caravan was also injured, but her wounds did not appear to be serious.

The Las Vegas Police released a statement that the accident was the 35th traffic related death of the year so far. Neither driver appeared to be impaired, and police do not believe that drunk driving was a factor.

Personal injury law and motor vehicle accidents

There is a large section of the civil law that deals with accidents and injuries. Many attorneys focus exclusively on car accidents and related issues because these are common occurrences everywhere in the country. A client who retains a lawyer can allow them to take their case on a contingent fee. This means that the client does not pay any money up front and the lawyer is paid out of the verdict or settlement agreement related to the case. 

Personal injury lawsuits essentially make the person or business at fault pay for losses related to the accident. This can include hospital and medical bills, lost wages, property repairs, and anything else that can be shown to have resulted from the collision. Some of these cases will go to trial where evidence and witness testimony is presented to a jury. However, many civil cases also end in settlement agreements where the case ends with the victim being paid a fair amount that is agreeable to both the plaintiff and the defendant. 

Speak with a local lawyer in Las Vegas after an accident

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