Las Vegas drivers can contact an injury attorney for a number of different services

Las Vegas, NV – After someone is involved in a serious accident, there are suddenly a number of different problems that must be addressed. This includes everything from the insurance claim process, to medical treatment and bills, to the possibility of future losses of income due to missed time from work and health problems. Attorneys who focus on this area of the law have experience dealing with all of these situations, and they can give guidance throughout this process to help victims get back to normal as quickly as possible.

What is personal injury law?

In a general sense, personal injury firms have attorneys who speak with clients after various kinds of accidents and the injuries that they cause. While motor vehicle collisions are the most common source of injuries they address in the United States, with over 6 million instances each year, people are also hurt at work, because of unsafe conditions on the property of a business, and many other reasons. Any personal injury attorney who is licensed in the state can address all of these potential situations. 

Lawsuits versus insurance claims

Most people have some kind of basic auto insurance policy, because this is required by law in every single state. After the accident, the victim needs to contact their insurance provider and any other drivers involved before the process of either a lawsuit or insurance claim can begin. The police will do their own investigation and create an accident report that summarizes the basic details of the accident. 

All drivers should get in touch with their insurance company about the specifics of their situation afterward and try to determine if the claim will be paid out and if the amount is sufficient. These insurance providers may sometimes pay a small amount or not pay anything at all. An accident lawyer can step in and make sure the insurance company is acting within their rights based on the terms of the policy, and not making a mistake or cheating the customer.

In situations where the accident is more severe, the insurance claim will generally not pay enough for extensive medical treatment. This is another important situation for an injury lawyer, as they can bring a civil case against the person responsible for the accident, and make them pay for these losses through a settlement or after a trial. This can be done regardless of whether the defendant has insurance that will cover their losses. 

Getting assistance from attorneys in the Las Vegas area

Accident victims should explore their legal options and speak with an attorney about defending their rights. Southwest Injury Law is an experienced personal injury firm that helps clients throughout the city of Las Vegas and southern Nevada. 

Firm contact info:

Southwest Injury Law

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